Budget Home Theater Speakers

If you watched episode 2 of The Crit Show, you heard my question about budget home theater speakers. I should have mentioned more details, like Logan said, and I was hoping to get more feedback.

I’m looking for some speakers for my 50" 4K TV. I’ve done a little research already (mostly on the hometheater subreddit), and I think I want to start with a mid-range 2.0 setup with a decent receiver so I can add surround later. My budget is around $400-500.

My TV is currently in my parent’s basement, but I would like a setup that would be good for a wide variety of room environments.

Also, I’m looking for speaker stands for the 2.0 speakers (outside of the $400-500 budget), because I realize the importance of ear level speaker placement in the room.

Also also, does it make sense to go 3.0? Does the center channel make that big of a difference, and does it make sense to get the center channel before a subwoofer?