Broadwell-E or Zen?

Hi folks!

I’ve been thinking to finally upgrade to a high-end platform!

The current setup is an Intel ‘Haswell’ i5 4690K oc’ed to 4.2 with 2 980 Ti’s in sli
On a 1440p 144Hz panel, i need all the frame’s that i can push out of these cards! :grin:

But now the problem is that my cpu is getting bottlenecked with those 980 ti’s with some heavy cpu bound games, and i know its not worth the upgrade to an i7 Haswell…

So i was thinking for x99, just because these cpu’s also have more pci-e lanes available to use, and well just more future-proof for anything that come’s around i guess :slight_smile:

In total i would need 20 lanes 8x 8x for the 980 ti’s and 4x (NVMe ssd)
And in my case this i5 only has 16 lanes.

So i’m already short and can’t get the best performance out of this ssd either…
So basically a i7 6800K would do the job just fine for it’s price point.

But what about the AMD Zen architecture? is it really possible that it could compete with Broadwell-E?
It also seems to have 30 pci-e lanes for the high-end part and also higher clocked.

And i know AMD is not all that great when it come’s to high end performance, just like it failed with bulldozer…
But i’m curious what this will become!

This took me some time to write and edit the crap out of it.
My English writing takes way to long :joy:

I’d love to hear opinions from the people than might have a better clue about the new zen architecture!

EDIT! it’s Broadwell-E instead of Haswell-E…


I’d wait, unless your bottleneck is so crippling you cant possibly bear it.

That seems rather low.

The extremely narrow, like, amd only in a perfect scenario benchmark, yes.

Most people can get them to 4.7 GHz quite easily actually. If you have the cooling. I found mine to be more stable at 4.5 GHz though.

Well the truth is (unless history changes with the Zen CPU) AMD will always be cheaper, more raw power, and generally speaking will take care of anything you throw at it.

For example: I have a heavy workload I need a monster computer for, but some of that work I’m also able to use on the AMD FX 8300 machine I use.

So if you’re going for pure gaming and want to save some money, keep an eye on the AMD CPUs as more info comes out before they drop. They’re supposed to be amazing from what I read so far.

Also keep in mind that the new Zen CPUs will be DDR4 with appropriate chip sets as well.

I hope this information helped, but to be honest whatever you feel comfortable with go ahead and buy. For the most part there is no wrong choice.

I’m only limited to 4.2, cpu cooler is limited (Corsair H50) reaching almost 80c on core 0

But i feel the urge to upgrade to x99 so i can upgrade with custom watercooling as well…
Forgot to mention that!

Money burning a hole in your pocket, do as you will.

If you want to do higher water cooling I would go for the Corsair H115i. It is the best closed loop water cooler I’ve used. I use it all on the computers in my house and I recommend it to friends and customers. the Kraken 240mm is good as well, but I recommend whatever of the two you can get for a cheaper price.

It’s not that… The thing is that i can’t get the best out of my system right now.

So i feel like its urging to upgrade, and when i upgrade i’d like to do it all at once instead of step by step and delaying is further :expressionless:

I’m planning to do custom waterloops, including gpu’s.

Going to OC those 980 ti’s quite high

So i’d rather not have 2 different watercooling systems going on :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re going to custom water loop do all the research you can beforehand, if you’re not experienced. But honestly; regardless of whether you go Intel or AMD a custom loop system will be nice.

PS. Please ignore any spelling/syntax errors if they exist. I’m 7 bottles of wine in tonight.

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Research is the key thing here! :slight_smile:

I think you should be Ko or even dead after 7 BOTTLES lol
don’t you mean glasses? :joy:

Oh no, sir. Due to my lifestyle and choices, I can drink ANYTHING at any given time and still utilize myself properly. Granted, I may make an ass out of myself if there are people around; but I got this. #GermanAmerican.

Ew. I just used a hashtag. But I feel that is the only way to portray useful information at this juncture. Thank the 5673493 God’s that observe us for sqiggle red lines to know when I fucked up.


I Just Finished the hardware assembly part of my X99 Rig and it’s performance is freaking absurd! My Asus ROG Swift 4K monitor comes in 2 day’s after cyber monday and it’s just cosmetic stuff to do after that like new tinted plexi side pannel K95RGB keyboard with Cherry MX brown Switches a corsair scimitar black paracord psu cables some audio-technica ATH-AD900X’s along with some guerrilla glue brand double sided tape to mount my SSD’s on the reverse side of my MOBO tray to help with cable management and that stuff is load bearing up to 15 pounds so it’s overkill security for my Samsung 850 pro’s.

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EK makes a killer modular AIO system called predator you could get there 360MM rad and 2 prefilled GPU blocks and do a “custom Modular” for under $600 and get the same performance as a custom loop pretty much. Other then that the only viable option is corsair

The wait for Zen is nearing to a close.

One thing you haven’t stated is which games you’re playing and other things you really do on your computer (Streaming etc, rendering perhaps???).
Also as a side note: Future Proofing is a myth of sorts. The only real way to future proof is to have money saved.

Nice setup! And yes i’ve seen the EK predator sets.

but i don’t like the aesthetic of them, rather bulky but it’s easy to install dho!

I was thinking going with hard-tube just because they look so much nicer.

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I don’t do anything crazy, other than sometimes running a VM.
As for the game’s mainly BF1 and GTA5 but the cpu is hitting a constant 100%

Go deep and get Copper!

Honestly go Intel right now. No one truly knows when Zen is coming and are just speculating on how it will perform. Always go with what is currently the best you can afford that is already out.

This is pretty solid. But another take, is to go for what was top of the line last year; as it would be at a severely lower cost (usually), and most of the problems have been worked out. As running with bleeding-edge technology will have hiccups.

To recap; if you don’t mind dealing with issues and have the money then get the newest. If you just want the damn thing to work and not have to fiddle with it, and or on the cheap, then get last years.

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