Boston Dynamics Robot (Military Capabilities Perhaps?)

Interesting to view what the robot designed by Boston Dynamics is capable of, my first thought was a refit for military purposes (all-terrain tyres, light-weapon fit-out etc)

From what I understand Boston Dynamics has historically been aiming for military contracts, although I think Google has been trying to steer away from that for now.

Having said that, almost all of Boston Dynamic’s robots look like they’re straight out of a sci-fi horror movie. Frightening looking creations.

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It’s all small steps. I wonder if they care how they look. They do all have a malicious look, but it’s function over style.

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That’s true Logan, functionality certainly rules in this robotic example.

w.meri it’s easy to foresee these devices managing crowd-control once the makers advance the development of these ‘man-machines’.

@Logan I suppose when the sentient AI overlords take over the world any robot will look terrifying, regardless of form. Petman looks like something straight out of i, Robot.

@schwarzwolf I think Handle would be good in an urban environment because it looks like it is quick, but I’m not sure if the wheels would fair well in rougher terrain. Atlas and Big Dog look perfect for rough terrain though because of their bipedal and quadruped methods of movement.

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