Book or Graphic Novel Collections?

Oh boy here we go, first discussion! I am very curious if any of you other forum user are in to collecting books and/ or graphic novels. I myself am trying to collect all of J.R.R. Tolkien’s published writings at the moment. I’m really excited to hear what anyone else might have to say when it comes to book collecting or even just books the love!

I have a bookshelf of about 500 novels. Mostly fantasy, some scifi

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Most of my reading centres around German medical military history, Roman military history, and fantasy literature (and art)

I’m in the middle of reading a book by Robert Proctor titled ‘The Nazi War On Cancer’.

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On nice, history is one of those subjects I really should read more about, I did for a while about 5 years back, but haven’t really since.

The majority of subjects I read are Anthropological journals, various history books, political journals, and technology journals. All of which, aside from history, I have to be regularly read up on for my given education and job choice. When I get a chance though I love a good fiction novel. I recently read The Alchemist again. But I’m always trying to squeeze in a new fantasy, Star Wars/Trek, or critical thinking novel into my schedule any chance I get.


I do not really collect books/graphic novels ect, but I have read a couple comics.

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