Blue screen - Registry_Error

I booted my computer and got the blue screen with the error: Registry_Error. I restarted 4-5 times with the same error. However, I started in safe mode and didn’t get the error. I put the cables to the SSD (the one with the OS on) and my other HDDs in hopes that it would help, it hasn’t. I get the same error over and over.

What should I do? I really hope my SSD isn’t broke, or anything else for that matter, should I do a fresh reinstall?

Thanks for any help.

Do you have a specific bluescreen code? Registry cleaning programs don’t do that much really… You may need to refresh your windows install if it isn’t a hardware issue.

Did you change anything before this happend? Update a driver, install some new hardware, or mess with a BIOS setting like changing to/from AHCI/RAID/IDE?

Edit: you can always try SFC from safe mode.

In a command prompt enter:
sfc /scannow

This will auto fix any currupted or missing windows files. Cant hurt

I didn’t actually install anything new at all when it happened. I did a system restore and it fixed itself. What caused this? Does the system do things in the background that can malfunction and cause a problem?

If you can boot in safe mode with networking, check out this software called BlueScreenView by Nirsoft. It pulls the crash dump files and puts them in a nice table allowing you to Google issues specific to your problem.

It’s likely a Windows Update that corrupted something. I’ve been seeing a lot of that lately.

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