What do you think of BLD by NZTX? I heard good things about them. Anyone else used them?

How comfortable are you building your own? Their prices aren’t insanely high for a prebuilt PC, but you can do better now that GPU prices aren’t as crazy.

I don’t have the patience, of post going bad, things going like shit. Then if it does goes bad then time for RMA. I just don’t want that headache.

Some people will never understand that… It’s all about where you want to put your time. If you change your mind I’m sure we can all help you out.

Well, I am planning a August or early September build. If you like to come to denver I would pay for the build. We have a shit load of craft beer here. My budget, will be $3,000 to $4,000 (without monitor). call it a crazy Tek Syndicate Fan build with beer.

I love Colorado… Probably my second favorite state behind VT. Let me know and I’ll see if we can turn it into an event. Sounds fun.

We should make it September 21 for denver for denver oktoberfest

Beer and Bauds… Modem humor

I have seen the service. I don’t think it’s particularly bad in terms of the building, but the motherboards and SSD selection they have is horrible, and you’re limited to their cases. I’d really avoid it.