Black Screen on Windows 10

Please help, I am currently facing a black screen of death whenever I try to ALT+TAB or Windows key out of a game or quitting the game. This issue came when I updated to the latest Windows 10 update which I believe is the Windows 10 Anniversary update. I did have a failing hardware which I believed was the problem but when I switched it out and put in a new hard drive, I still got the same problem when ALT+TAB or Windows Key or quitting the game. I even updated my graphics drivers and CPU drivers and still nothing. I looked at other forums and people are having the same problem but no solutions from anybody I will try to call Microsoft when I have time but I rather use all the resources I have right now at my disposal. Help will be greatly appreciated and hopefully we can have an answer to everyone else that is having similar problem.

Hardware Spec:

AMD FX-8350
Gigabyte MoBo
Radeon R9 290x
Seagate 1TB

Does it happen when you’re in borderless windowed?

I’m also having this problem intermittently after the last update, trying to diagnose it. Will report back if I find a fix. Note: my hardware is entirely different, this may be a problem with Windows itself.