Beyer by meri (a story of headphone modification)

So we all know about Beats by Jerry, but what about Beyer by meri?

TL;DR: I more or less copied the shell of the DT990, made some adjustments, and 3D printed. Have not had a sound test yet.

EDIT: Here are the .stl files if anyone wants them,

(disregard the improper aspect ratio, Discourse likes to throw a fit with some images for whatever reason)

So I own(ed) a pair of Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro. They were my first pair of open back headphones and I instantly fell in love with them, problem being they’re ugly as fuck. After a little while the pads wore out (a very little while :frowning:) and I decided to branch out to see what else is out there. I ended up picking up a pair of the AKG K712 Pro for quite a good price, and it turns out I like them far more than the Beyers. So the Beyers sat for quite a while unused. I decided to see if I could mod it for a detachable cable, and long story short I kinda sorta buggered that, but didn’t. The next (il)logical step in my mind was why not redo the whole thing? So I did. Five revisions later and I pretty much have a shell that I could 3D print and has a perfect fit for everything.

Slightly out of order guts of the DT990:

CAD porn of the poor first revision:

CAD porn of the last revision:

Sketch used to revolve and create most of the body:

Anybody at the office want to do a review after I get it pieced together and get the build log done? :smile:


Awesome mod dude!

Thanks @Dynamic_Gravity

Continuing with actually building the headphones,

I ordered the necessary wiring last night, so it should be here within the next week or two and I finish it up.

Although I seem to have lost the last 3.5mm connector I had, so I need to figure that out at some point.

On the bright side this was the first time I used Verbatim filament, and it actually worked really well. There’s some artifacting on the underside of the lip, but that would happen no matter what filament I used I think. Everything else is really good.

Very nice idea, I did not think ever about headphone mod. But now there are CoolerMaster Pulse side panels printings showing up.

I’d use Verbatim 1,75mm white and is very good.

Looking forward to see the final result.

Take lots of pictures of the whole process - this is awesome! Hope you don’t mind but I shared this on Twitter. :slight_smile:

Go for it! It’s all good to me.

I just found out a little while ago that one can buy headphone headbands off the interwebs, so I’m thinking about getting a new headband once I get the initial modifications done. The Beyer Pro headphone band sits in all the wrong places on my head.

They also sell some pretty crazy drivers, like Beyer T50P, Audio Technica ATH-M50, and Fostex TH900, so my tinkerer’s blood is getting excited.

If only college wasn’t so expensive…

Updated OP with .stl files if anyone wants to use them.


Great Work :slight_smile: