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Best Mics for Twitch/Streaming | Antlion Modmic, Blue Yeti, Audio Technica AT-2020, Gaming Headset


Originally published at: https://crit.tv/best-mics-for-twitchstreaming-antlion-modmic-blue-yeti-audio-technica-at-2020-gaming-headset/

Mics tested:

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AT2020 <3

2:25 lmfao


On youtube you have the Modmic link actually going to the logitech headset link.


fixed… control+C was borked.


No BoomPro?



The connection makes them compatible with few sets of headphones.


Hmm… that headset modmic combo looks awfully familiar…


I’m thinking about purchasing a Røde NT USB mic, but I enjoyed the mic comparisons in Logan’s video.


That’s my home setup. I got the black ones for the office and they are way tighter on my head, despite being the premium ones as well. I’ve tried everything… I guess I just have to wait for them to break in or something.


Good info. I just use the mic attached to my HyperX Cloud 1’s. It makes setup with the streaming/recording software less complicated, it’s also the mic I use for in game comms. My son has a Blue Yeti, I’ll agree it is superior… but it also takes a long minute to integrate and set everything up with streaming/recording/gaming software. It woulda been legit to have @Pistol pitch these products… @Logan it’s cool that you TryHard to give us useful info, but do you even stream? KappaHD


If anyone is looking for a cheap mic that still sounds decent for streaming, I just bought this 2 weeks ago and I love it.


Logan used to stream pretty frequently, but he hasn’t in recent times. The AT2020 has my vote out of the lineup in this video and it’s the same mic I use for streaming.