Best lens for ‘cinematic’ videography

Hi I am looking to try and be more skilful with my videography (being mainly a photographer)

I have a Mavic PRO 2 which I have become fairly adept at flying and filming with and I understand the basic principles of Cinematic style shooting however I want to use my main camera more for BROL style video up my local woodlands and other general shots

I wanted some advice on which lens would give me the best results, is a particular focal length more suited to cinematic style footage, obviously depth of field comes into it but wanted others thoughts…

My lenses I have at my disposal… (not looking to buy any others)

Camera Body Sony A7RIII

Zeiss 18mm f2.8

Zeiss 25mm f2.0

Voigtlander 40mm 1.2 (MF)

Sony G Master 85mm 1.4

Sony G Master 24-70 2.8

Sony G Master 70-200 F2.8

Sony G 90mm Macro 2.8

A main reason to know which lens I should primarily as I would need a variable ND filter soon too in order to achieve the 180 degree rule on shutter speeds/

Well, this all depends on what you are doing. The general purpose Sony 24-70 2.8 is a really handy lens, but it’s not nearly as pretty as the primes, imo. If you are shooting mostly vistas or wide scenes that need a higher F-Stop, then the Song is fine… if you want closer shots or some dreamer shots I really prefer the Voigtlander 40 1.2. I LOVE their glass… it’s almost as dreamy looking as the leica glass. If you want closer shots the 85 1.4 is a good one to contrast some wide shots with the Mavic.

For my style, I’d get the Voigtlander 40 1.2. I think the 18 and 25 are a bit wide on that full frame for my style, but it’s all about how you shoot. So, do you do more close shots or wide scene shots?

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Hi Logan,

Thank you very much for your response, this has been very helpful, yeah I think you are right regarding using the 85mm for contrasting shots between the magic when I am hiking,I agree, the voigtlander lenses are beautiful, truly lenses to last ones lifetime! And very characterful.

Guess I will get some V.NDs for these two lenses as I only have LEE ones atm.