Best high end microphone

what are the best high end microphone for studio and home ones that work for podcast and musicians and vocals i use xrl audio interface i got thsese two and i got
Rode NT1KIT d vs Shure SM7B i use avid pro tools or for voice over singer

Amp/instrument mics (and especially drum mics) are quite different than standard vocal mics; but vocal mics can still be used for recording those sources if need be. Shure SM58’s and Beta 58’s are more or less industry standards for live performance vocals. Studio vocal work is usually with condenser mics (brands/models seem to be more of the engineer/studio’s preference more than any empirical ‘best’). If you’re trying to record stuff like guitar amps, acoustic performances and the like, just experiment with what mics you have, different mic placements and rooms in which you record and just go on what sounds the best to you. Like all things audio, it’s very subjective as to what sounds ‘the best.’