Best Coffee You Can Buy at a Grocery Store?

I live in Chicago and have access to some GREAT locally roasted coffee (Intelligentsia). But my favorite bag of coffee is Wicked Joe’s Bella Maria which I buy at the large chain grocery store. The coffee is organic, fair trade, and shade grown. It has the best coffee taste I’ve had at home. I’d be curious to see what else others recommend so I can check it out next time I’m at the store.

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I’m just starting to drink coffee, still lots of creamer lol. But hills bros is pretty good IMO. Tastes the way I think coffee should.

@logan has been on this grind of getting this tub of coffee from Trader Joe’s. He claims its great for the money. Maybe he can chime in.


Been drinking just standard black coffee. Using deathwish beans though off of amazon and a french press. So it’s some really really good black coffee. Though I’m pretty Hipster like that I like all my beer’s Double IPA and higher and my Chocolate 80% dark and up and my Medicinal ganj OG Kush or Cookies Cuts. That bitter sweet is just to die for a perfect flavor contrast to bring out all the earthy and floral tones of the product you are consuming.

I like the Lavazza brand. Really tasty.

I really enjoy the Starbucks Breakfast Blend.

Whatever is on sale that week. As long as i get my caffeine in the morning im set.

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This crap for my AeroPress

And this stuff for standard drip

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I used to drink Seattle’s Best when I worked at Borders bookstore. I haven’t seen it around here since then. It’s great coffee.

Tim Hortons

I don’t drink coffee hardly ever, but when I do it’s usually Green Mountain, mainly because I used to be able to get it more or less at cost. Not too shabby for coffee made in Canada.

Yuban is pretty good, and it’s roasted right down the street from me. Smells wonderful in my area when they are roasting a fresh batch!

Dunkin Donuts dark roast and a beautiful sativa. Occasionally I make some cannabis coffee to start the day off just right.

I drink this every day. It is very nice and smooth. One of the best in store coffee’s

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I usually buy Blue Mahoe, but I know most grocery stores or even countries don’t sell it because the Japanese buy it by the boat load.

I would go with what Logan drinks, it looks exceptionally tasty!