Best Cheap Webcam? Looking for Recomendations:


I’m in the market for a new webcam. I’d like to spend no more than $30 if possible. I see the Logitech C270 being a good recommendation but as I don’t know much about webcams I thought maybe someone else would have better incite!

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Another webcam I have found upon researching is the AUSDOM 1080P HD for sale on amazon currently for $26.99.


I have a C270, well two of them actually. They’re pretty good cameras. Quest is what do you plan to do with it?


Current plan is simply for video chatting so I don’t need anything that great. I am thinking about saving up a bit more and getting the C920 for $50 though.


If you’re willing to wait that’s what I would do. C920 is way better and worth the upgrade.


I think you will get some proper advice from and get the webcam according to your preference and requirement.