Best case under $50?

I’m building my PC soon, but I am undecided on a case. I am on a strict budget of $50 for the case; $50 before mail-in-rebates and shipping included in the price.

I’d really like a side-panel window for the case, but I can spare it if it means getting a better case overall. Also, cable management is crucial and I really want to be able to cable-manage this build well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Unfortunately $50 is makes for slim pickings with what you want. Assuming you’re going to be using the ASRock Z97 Anniversary that you mentioned in your other thread, you’ll be needing an ATX case too.

First two case are the exact same chassis, they just come with different fronts. The Rosewill is probably the better deal because it comes with more fans stock, but it looks like it might have slightly less cable management space.

I’d go with the 100R myself but I agree, slim pickings at that price range

60$ is much better.

rosewill challenger S is really nice. It comes with 3 pre installed fans, 2 of them with blue leds and low rpm. It’s wide enough to put a evo 212

This is a great case for $55 by Deepcool

I would check open box deals in brick and morter stores nearby. I scored a nice Antec case w/PSU for half off cause it had a small scratch.

i can defeinetly recommend the fractal design core 2500. I don’t know the exact price in the US but it should be arround 50. It’s a very good case for the money and the included fans are very good. definetly recommended.

nzxt source 210 elite dont be a bish

The last time I bought a budget case for $50 was about 1 year ago.

BitFenix Comrade

It ran well enough to sell to someone locally! I needed something as silent as a budget case could be.

I put in a used Z77 board with a 3.4GHz i3-3240, a used CoolerMaster TX3 CPU Cooler with 2x 92mm PWM fans, 8GB of some old PNY DDR3-1600, a new Zotac GTX 950 OC 2gb, a PCI SoundBlaster MP3+, a Rosewill PCI 10/100/1000 NIC, a used Samsung 840 Series SSD, a used Antec EarthWatts 430watt PSU, and Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.