Best Anti-Virus Discussion: Windows 10

PCMatic is bullshit scamware and even a borderline rouge antivirus. Their commercials claim they have a “100% detection rate” from a test done by PCMag, however if you go to PCMag, here’s what they actually say;

"PC Matic scored highest in the latest test, with 94.75%, but failed overall due to many false positives.”

My biggest problem with PC Matic is that they do keep inching up in the ranks of independent evaluations. But they are getting there because they started out as scammers, did more scammy things to boost sales such as offering “registry cleaners” and “driver updates” for an extra charge (which are worthless, by the way).

As for an antivirus, the best one is common sense, however I still run Malwarebytes Premium, I got a key for $5 from I’ve had good luck with Avast, SuperAntiSpyware, and a few others.

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