Best Anti-Virus Discussion: Windows 10

Hey all,

I was wondering what the typical tek syndicate community member uses as far as anti-virus/anti-malware software.

Of course, I assume we should narrow down this discussion by OS, so I’m making this thread about windows 10, because that’s the OS I use because I’m a filthy casual.

I saw this weird ad on TV about this software called “PC Matic”. I haven’t talked to anyone who uses it yet, but they seem to supply all these statistics in their advertisement that seem convincing, but I’m still skeptical. Pic Related.

What do you usually use? Why? Or, do you just go with Windows Defender? Do you just find the virus yourself because you’re a wizard?

I used windows defender only since I had windows 7. I use my computer carefuly and I do not click any spam emails or open .exe I don’t really trust. So far my personal gaming PC has never been infected, but there was one time where I downloaded a microsoft toolkit and kms pico to crack windows 10 on my laptop and I did get some crazy malwares. I formatted instantly, took another chance with another toolkit and everything went fine.

I don’t recommend any anti virus other than defender to any of the people I build computers for. They’re mostly ressource hog. I have this weird way of thinking that there is no one best suited to protect a microsoft OS than microsoft themselves.

I use malwarebytes. Works wonders.

I don’t run Winblows 10, I run 8.1 for the once a month I dual boot into it for updates.

That said, Malwarebytes. The undisputed king.

Norton = garbage.
AVG = garbage.
Trend Micro = not terrible garbage.
!AVAST = malicious garbage
PC Matic = never heard of them
Sophos = works well
Kasperksy = works well
Webroot = works well (So I’m told)
McAfee = fuck those cunts

To be really safe one needs to look at blocking malicious stuff at the router/DNS level instead on the client level. Way more safe and this is what businesses do.

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I Use Viper Antivirus, But i haven’t had a issue with Malware in recent years.
But if you use Anti-Malware if it goes off, i like the canary in the coalmine, what other things has it missed and it’s normally your last line of defense.

Having said that i did have a disk that could kill malware processors, so i could grab important files off a pc then i nuke it , i have had to do that a couple of times for a few friends and family.

I just use Common Sense 2017. It requires a little effort to get going, but it works wonders once it gets going.


Yes i agree, but sometimes it not completely foolproof. We all make Mistakes to varying degrees

not even mad, that is funny and true. Props

helpful info, cool

That’s usually the fasted approach. Boot it up with linux and then get the files.

The only real headache is if it was a work that worked its way into all files and made all the data malicious.

And in the case is they use bitlocker. Then malwarebytes is my goto.

I had to do this far to often for Family and Friends.

I now charge them for it. <- this soon fixed the problem.

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Well long time user of free antivirus, used Avast and like it, used avira and like it very much, now Kaspersky Free and loving it!
For Malware I use the Malawarebytes free also

Avoid avast, they have been compromised.

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Be smart and then you don’t have to rely on crap software like this.

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Didn’t knew about this…thanks. I’m with Kaspersky free…and it’s very cool

The best anti-virus is common sense. :stuck_out_tongue:


Build a pfSense box with an AES-NI compatible Intel chip if you haven’t yet.

It is worth every last penny. The anti-virus is just one of many free tools. Reference Qain’s videos for tips.

Screenshot from 2017-12-17 17-30-44

I’ve been using Panda Antivirus for the past year and a half along with ZoneAlarm firewall, it’s a really great, lightweight combination that is highly non-intrusive, the firewall has a plethora of options for all your programs so you can customize it as you please.

I use Kaspersky free antivirus for a year now and it’s rock solid!

I’ve been using Webroot for a few years now, and it’s served me well. Not a single virus has gotten on my computer since I used Webroot.