Bee Syndicate (Reloaded)

Welcome to Bee Syndicate Reloaded!

Better into to be posted here (eventually)

Some of you may be familiar with the Bee Syndicate blog that started on the TekSyndicate forum. If you are one of those people I sincerely thank you for having spent some of your time reading my blog. If you are not one of those people then I am glad that you have found Bee Syndicate reloaded and I hope you enjoy what you find here and look forward to interacting with you and talking about bees and other things. (but mostly bees.) The official Bee Syndicate blog lives on the Level1teks forum and can be accessed directly by going to

For now I will be slowly riposting past articles from the Bee Syndicate blog so if you are new I hope you enjoy them here for the first time. If you have seen them before I hope that you take the time to enjoy them again. Even I have forgotten what was contained in some of these posts and have to chuckle when I re-read some of them.

Even though the posts themselves are not new (for now) the best part of the content of BeeSyndicate in my opinion is the interactions and discussions with you on each post, and all that content will be new and original to BeeSyndicate Reloaded here on Crit.TV. So please comment and ask questions. If you don’t then this will only be half as good as it could be.

I am constantly over joyed with how well BeeSyndicate was and is received. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I will enjoy sharing it with the community.

Bee Cam

Live stream from the Bee Syndicate bee hives

Check out the bee cam! (Offline for the season)

Blog Posts

Season 1
Bee Syndicate S1 E1 8/16/2015 What are you chicken? Screw it I’m getting Bees!
Bee Syndicate S1 E2 8/17/15 Ass Loads of Bees