Battlefront 2 (E3 Update) Multiplayer Trailer/Match

I am down-right excited for this :slight_smile:
I am also excited to see the new ‘The Last Jedi’ trailer this Friday, so yeah… This weekend will be awesome lol

I understand many may not like the first DICE Battlefront, but if you are excited for this, post up!

UPDATE: Here is the full trailer


All I want is for Galactic Conquest to come back :frowning:


I just hope it’s not so arcade like with the stupid glowing tokens on the ground. Last years battlefront was a mess. I had some fun for a while and hot damn did it look great!

I want prequel maps too. Clones and droids baby, clones and droids!!

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I guess I can’t be

Oh… there will be prequel stuff… :wink:

My guess is that DICE was under a tight schedule, not by lucasfilm, but by EA. They wanted the game out before TFA. So now, for BF2, they have the engine and a lot of the assets/sounds/etc., so this whole time they really only had to tweak the graphics a bit and then add assets and gameplay elements. So i bet it is much bigger

I also like how the story will follow (at least from how the trailer is perceived) a post-Jedi Imperial loyalist.

@kewldude007 i knew it would get taken down lol. I updated it, but i expect that one may get taken down too lol. I will update it with the actual Star Wars youtube link when it goes up.

I feel like 99% of it is going to be classic era and the new stuff. They seem to like to pretend the prequel era doesnt exist anymore.

Which hate it all you want I love all Star Wars.

I don’t think so… i mean, Maul is on the cover, i think it is more than that.

I am not familiar with the logo on the official teaser site, but if you know anything about it, post it up.

I also translated the Aurebesh in the bottom left.


If this isn’t anemic like the last one (Which I think was rushed to come out at relatively the same time as episode 7) i’ll give it a chance.

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looks like it has a story mode so ill might pick this one up second hand

Probably won’t buy the DLC for this game either. Also going to wait for the reviews. There was 0 single player campaign last time and also the multiplayer lacked in maps for the money spent. EA burned me too many times.

Well Luckily, this one WILL have a story mode. Following post RotJ imperial forces.
I reckon this game will have a lot more maps compared the the first, because they have had time, and most of the mechanics/OT assets are already done.

I hope they do a free Beta like last time.

I always love these games when I play them but for some reason I rarely do play them. I can’t figure it out. As for watching the trailer I am not going to look as I want no spoilers.

Then don’t come back tomorrow… because i was told that the leak was a teaser. and a full trailer would come tomorrow

God I hope they don’t fuck this one up.

i mean, the gameplay was great. maybe some balancing issues (only played during the first few months). Graphics were good, sound was AMAZING, just needed more content, and i would like some space battles, please. Also, either i suck or the ships handling wasn’t the best. might be me… I HATE Battlefield 1 plane handling lol.

Saw the trailer today and details on stuff they added. Sounds like it’s going to be awesome. Hopefully they don’t ruin it with micro transactions and content locking.

Good thing EA isn’t making it…am I right?!

Here is the legit full trailer

lol. I never delved in to the DLC stuff. was the microtransactions really that bad?

Are they ever good?

I guess what i meant was, i was unaware that there were micro-transactions. thought there were just DLC packs.