Battalion 1944! (Old School FPS)

Some of you may have heard of this game, most of you probably haven’t. But considering the kind of games this community seems to be interested in I thought I’d spread the word.

Pre - Trailer explaining the game:

It’s a back to basics shooter, inspired by classic shooters like CoD 2, Quake, and mainly CoD 4 Promod, from which it takes its movement which is very strafe jump heavy and quite similar to an arena shooter. It seems the primary game mode will be a defuse mode or Search and Destroy and their new game mode which adds a card/economy system like in CS. In addition to these they have classic modes like CTF, Domination, Team Deathmatch, and Deathmatch. I was hoping I could build some interest here and we could get some community games going, or setup custom Deathmatch servers. Overall they’re really trying to move away from the fluff and staleness of modern shooters and they’re creating a game that goes back to core experience of PC fps games. I hope we can get something going with this game in the community, Early Access starts February 1st!


World World II games interest me. Now with what is being shown with trailers thought it doesn’t look like they are showing any game play. Any true game play videos out there? Finally I have to say though that for me buying any new games unless they are in Humble Bundles is unlikely as I have a backlog4life that I plowed through in 2017 and now am in 2018 but I should not be adding to it. Best of luck to the people involved in the project though.

Fuck, now I gotta rebuild my PC with my tax return

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Here’s some raw gameplay I found. This is from their competitive mode.