Azulle Byte3 Mini Destop PC: Media, Files, Signage | How Would You Use It?

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The Azulle Byte3 is an interesting mini desktop PC in the sense that it is a little larger than some and more well equipped than some. This puts it in a slightly different category than mini media PCs or stick PCs. Check out the video for all the details.

I think it would be a great computer for older, non-tech savvy people (i.e. my parents). It’s small and could be tucked out of the way, but it still has enough power to use FaceTube and Youbook and whatnot.

Although that price increase of $138 for a measly extra 4 GB of RAM is pretty bad.

The Steam Link costs $5 right now because devices like this one are already making it obsolete.

I would definitely use it as a streaming interface device. I’d have it hooked up to a TV with a nice game pad, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse.

It would easily remote ethernet over to some games, music and movies installed on another PC.

Having Windows right there is also nice just in case some minimalist work needs to be done.