Audio Recording Issues For Gameplay Commentary

As the title says I need help solving an audio issue. I’m using a Razer Kraken Usb mic (if that helps any) throughout the recording I’m getting feedback, and the feedback is drowning out the audio of the game and my voice. I have it set up to record my voice through the headset mic. I believe I have the mic set up to always be active instead of the push to talk.

Please and thank you!

Ps. Plus any tips or tricks that any of you have would be much appreciated.

Pss. In the meantime I’ll try and see if I can’t fix the issue on my own.

I would invest in acoustic-dampening wall panels. I had the same issue when using a sensitive mic as it would pic up all the small sounds bouncing from around the room creating all that ‘noise’.

Another thing you can do is make sure there’s no electrical interference in the line by clamping a ferrite choke onto both ends of your audio cable.

I think it’s some kind of interference within my system or something. I made a recording with friends all of us were on discord it recorded there voice, but didn’t record mine. I’m using a 950 I’ve been going through the settings, but I think it keeps changing it back to push to talk or something. I’m going to keep fidgeting with it and see what solutions I can find.

Just checking in, were you able to find a solution?

Well I somehow manage to get rid of the feedback, but I still can’t hear myself. I’m going to keep trying thankfully I don’t have a deadline or anything like that.

Glad to hear progress has been made.