ASUS motherboard driver question

OK I have the ASUS TUF B450-Plus Gaming motherboard. On ASUS’s website under the drivers and tools section for my motherboard there is SATA. The drivers under SATA all have to do with RAID. I don’t have a RAID setup so do these drivers do anything else or do I not need them?

Nope, you don’t need raid drivers.

The only reason they offer them is because windows doesn’t recognize bios-raids without drivers. When you go to install windows, it would state that you don’t have any disks you can write to, then you’d need to load the driver from disk and then it’ll be able to find the raid drive.

Thank you Cloud Scorpion :slight_smile:

OK so ASUS has a Chipset driver for my motherboard and over on AMD’s website they have a chipset driver. I hear there is some balanced power plan with AMD’s Chipset drivers that improves performance supposedly. Which one should I use?

Probably use AMDs but honestly, if you’re using Windows 10, MS will get all the drivers you need. I haven’t bothered installing chipset drivers in ages, I only even manually install GPU drivers.