AsRock 110 Video Editing

I am really fascinated by this AsRock 110 Mini-Desk - and I have some questions:


I want to build a YT video content creating machine.

  1. I would put a Kaby Lake i7-7700 and 16GB RAM

Would that be enough with the HD 630 graphics?

I also want to run a VM with Linux.

A) Do I need to kick that up to 32GB RAM?

Is this enough for Premiere Elements (NOT PRO) with Effect for 2560 x 1440?

I am not crazy enough to try editing 4K with Effects.

I am asking this on many chat forum. A fully loaded Skull Canyon is way too expensive, but at least it has a thunderbolt connection. However, if I am going to use and external dGPU, I might was well build a full computer.

Since I plan to have this a dual boot system, could I get away with Kdenlive on Linux with only an iGPU HD 630?

What I am planning

A) Desktop Mini $150
B) i7-7700 $315
C) 16GB RAM $120
D) 256GB (boot) PICe m.2 $220 (for a double load of Win 10 + Linux)
E) 2.5" HDD $50 (Storage does not have to be SSD)


I would buy the AsRock 110 with the wi-fi option alreay installed.

This would be a beast. Everything but a graphics card.

But would it be up to the task of 2560x1440 editing on Premier (windows) or on Kdenlive (Linux)

BTW: Do I have to install the wi-fi, even if it comes with the kit.

Is 16GB sufficient for a Virtual Machine with Linux? I have 10 GB on my system now, and the VM nearly crashed. Mind you, it is an older system - AMD A8 - 3800

Will extra RAM above 16GB help in media editing or is that the sweet spot?

How critical is that graphics card?

The 7700k will do fine but I’d rather have a Ryzen 1700 for editing. The extra cores will be nice for rendering. Otherwise the 7700k is fine.

Do get the 32 gb of RAM.

i7-7700 (no K) - I will not be overclocking, and this is limited to a 90 W power brick that comes with the Mobo.

So, let me confirm. You think I can do 2560x 1440 editing with an i7-7700 (no K) and the HD 630 iGPU?

I think so too, but everyone is telling me otherwise.