Apple To Android | Curing An Addict

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When Justin first came to Crit TV - we noticed something was wrong. He was using an iPhone. Bloated software updates and lack of freedom had him down, so we got him going with a Samsung S7. Logan and Justin go over some of their favorite features that had them sticking with Android.

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I got on a topic in one of the my last posts comparing Nintendo to Apple. I will gladly go on a rampage…

about Apple.

Apple wants to try to control the very fiber of our being. They want us to think they have the next big thing, while actually riding on the coat tails of so many other companies. I have heard Iphone users say that there phone becomes useless after two generations. There always seems to be a crippling update that the Iphone cannot handle. What a load of smoke Apple is trying to blow up all of our backsides. They are the epitome of corporate evil. The founders was, in all honesty, a personification of the tech Antichrist.

I enjoyed the video. Also I would love to see how you run your own server for your digital library. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but honestly I just lack the knowledge to do it, and I’ve been to busy with finishing my degree to sit down and learn. A walk through would be awesome!

Happy Holidays!

Love the close-ups Logan. I’m loving these skits as well. Keep em silly.

Great video man, love to see more of this style of videos if possible!

Love to see some videos on Nextcloud and the server stuff too though, as I just setup my FreeNAS server.

Questions // ideas

Does justin plan on using a customized ROM?

Give Him a the Tasker App and get him to automate his cell with it.

What Phone is he using anyway?

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Good video. Wouldn’t mind seeing a indepth side to side comparison video thoigh.

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