Apparently logic and ethics are somehow a good thing : Teaching kids philosophy makes them smarter in math and English

Who knew that learning logic before learning to code could be helpful… Or that learning about ethics before getting your first lab rat could be a good idea.


Fantastic concept if the class sizes are kept small (more one-on-one)

The trouble here in Australia (unlike the wonderful British example in the link) in secondary school (high school) the classes are quite large, and often the teachers don’t have the impact on their students.

I was fortunate to have a wonderful old-time teacher in primary school who taught us to reason, and think of the implications of our actions in the wider community (and how to serve the community)

I hope the concept in your link spreads, especially if it is assisting students gain better grades in mathematics, and science.

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There’s plenty of evidence that supports the idea that learning the Arts (using the term broadly) actually makes children smarter in other areas as well. Shame that the Arts are almost always the first things cut when it comes to budgeting.

From a quick Google search:

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