Anyone with a Nintendo Switch?

Hey guys, my Nintendo Switch finally came in! So glad it did, and no I didn’t buy it to ignore others by playing it on the go lol. Bought the switch to play Skyrim on the go though, along with Mario Kart on the go!

Anyways, does anyone else have a Nintendo Switch here, and if so what are your friend codes? Looking for people to add as friends to play with from the community here.

My friend code: SW-3977-7221-1996

this person does

Thank you!

I flipped it and you gave one reason out of many that I didn’t keep it That friend code thing is ridiculous.

Eh, I mean I can both sides of the arugment.

Why else did you not keep your Nintendo Switch?

This is the friend code on my bent Switch:


I don’t know if this is unique to upstate NY but all stores here have been sold out completely since the 2nd week of launch.

Added you, I take it you use it in the dock for Zelda since yours is bending.

Question are you sending it back to Nintendo for replacement or repair?

It is like this everywhere, I just happened to be lucky enough to get to the store right when they got two of them in so I could grab one. So you either have to be lucky, or wait its like this everywhere sadly.

The out of stock problems and the hardware issues are somewhat damaging to the launch imo, but I think they can be worked out.

It’s sat in the dock more being unused then I did playing it docked. Usually I play it in handheld mode. I’m torn because it works fine, and I’ve heard stories about weird issues with getting data backed up from Nintendo.

Let me know what you decide to do and how it goes. Hoping that since I just got mine, it will be one of them without the “launch issues”.

Check out shifty in 2 days. Justin got a copy and it looks fucking sick, hotline miami esque

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I’ll be sure to give it a play through! Currently playing Zelda of course.

Say can I add you on the Nintendo Switch, or are you not going to use the online services?

Have you been playing the Nintendo Switch version of Mr. Shifty at all? Heard is has some big issues with frame rates and the physics of the game on the Switch.

If that is the case, I may end up buying this on Steam for the time being.

Seen it on PC and it had the same frame issues. Its a shit ton of fun though, very similar to Hotline Miami but unique enough to not be a copy. Controls are super slick too.

I want to get one, but I really want to wait until the issues are ironed out first. Also, I’ve only seen one in stock since launch. I was sooo close to buying it, but I didn’t have the money to get games or anything along with it, so I held off.

I’d get one but my breath of the wild save is on wii u…and It cannot transfer. God damn I wish everything was like PC, where I can take my saves with me and put them on any pc I want.

Some would say this thread is ancient, but to those people I would say fight me.
Friend Code: