Anyone want to help with a PC theme?

Hey guys, I’m going to be, slowly over the course of this year, building a new pc and need help with a theme for it. To start off, I’m looking at the be quiet! Dark Base 900 Pro, and want to do a custom paint job on it to represent my line of work. To me, my work is my hobby, in a way, so I’m pretty passionate about it. I’m a paramedic and want to paint and/or add a decal or something to the case. The theme I’m currently thinking of is a white case exterior with a star of life either painted in or a decal added on. The thing is, the decal seems kind of tacky considering this build is going to be a rather high end build. Any ideas or contribution would be nice to hear from anyone with more experience with PC “modding”. If you guys want me to add in components, I can so we can go through maybe painting those as well.

Slap all the memes on the sidepanels. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol there are some but not any worth sticking on the side of this PC. I was thinking maybe a white case with red accents or perhaps some blue.

Anyone have any advice on hardware or painting pc components?

A white motherboard would be pretty cool, and you could paint the heatsinks red (paint only affects temps of motherboard components by 1-2 degrees) I think making custom sleeved cables of red and white with maybe one or two gray accent sleeves could be cool. As far as painting the components go it’s pretty easy tbh, just bear in mind certain panels on the dark base will need to be sanded as they are extremely glossy, namely the top and front. I’d also suggest putting the snake around the cross (whatever the hell that thing is called) on the front panel like a case emblem.

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Hey man, thanks for getting back to me. I really appreciate the advice. I am totally new to messing with PC components, and wasn’t sure how exactly to go about it. So as far as the hardware, I shouldn’t have to sand it? I should only have to sand the case? I was thinking red and white was the best colors but I was having trouble finding the correct color components. So I decided painting them would be my best option. My current build is black and red and is running AMD. I’m currently waiting to see if Ryzen will flop to choose between intel and AMD to choose a motherboard and cpu. I lean only to where performance and price will match up. I’m looking at the Asus GTX 1080 Strix at the moment for graphics. The cables will probably be custom as you mentioned. I’ll probably try to get a custom red star of life on the side panel and maybe something on the front. Any suggestions other than that?

no, only sand it if it’s something that doesn’t have a textured surface, just need it roughed up to hold paint. If you really wanted to go over the top you could get an nzxt hue plus and program it to emulate the light bar on an ambulance haha. Granted it’s probably not something you’d want to run on it daily but it would be fun for the sake of showing off.

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@SoulFallen I really appreciate the feedback! I will be doing this build and probably posting via YouTube or something. If I do, I’ll make sure to give you and the forum credit for helping me out.

Doug Theme? :stuck_out_tongue: