Anyone playing with crypto?

I just want to see what you guys are doing these days, with all the craziness from last year I have been dabbling in buying up chunks of cheaper cryptocurrencies. Right now I just own Cardano and Iota, I’m really avoiding the higher value coins because I don’t really have more than $100 here and there to pretty much forget about with spending on coins.

Is anyone on this forum mining anything? I run an MSP so I have tons of hardware just sitting around, mostly CPUs but some are Xeons in fully functioning servers. I know mining with a CPU is likely far from profitable but I’m eyeing the lower difficulty coins that I can amass and hoard indefinitely. I’m really hoping there are some guys on the forum who have stayed more involved in this stuff over the past few years who can shed some light on this world. Last time I was really interested in crypto Bitcoin was $9 and still profitable just to mine. Lol! If only I knew as a kid what I knew now, I’d be retired.

I’m in litecoin, substratum, digibyte, tron, raiblocks, mining verge & turtle, steem, and several others. I should make videos on it, but I don’t think the current audience cares much. `

Do you follow any specific news sources when it comes to crytpo? I’ve just been Googling coins that I hear about.

I’d enjoy those videos btw. Idk what happened but I remember way back in the day on the old forums it was a pretty hot topic.

Is nice hash a good thing to use for mining? I downloaded it and tested it out, my 980ti could make about 5USD a day.

I’m kinda more interested in mining with my 8700k cause my 980ti gets stupid hot mining. But I don’t know if cpu mining makes much on nice hash

I don’t really follow it. But would not mind a video on mining. I have a RX 580 and if I can down clock it and keep it cool I would not mind trying it. Issue I have is I am so busy with life that I need a crash coarse on what to follow. And what is worth my time. I would rather mine smaller coins that have a possibility of growth rather than a waste the time on ethrium

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I wouldn’t mine Bitcoin. I’d research some other coins that have a lower difficulty that you can mine a few hundred or thousand of then sit on in hopes they take off. Otherwise you’re just wearing out a good GPU imo.


Same here. Although I suppose I could make time, but I’d have to give up my fun time for it. Between work, homework, and girlfriend, I only have about an hour or maybe two hours a day to really do what I want to do; that time usually goes towards playing video games or watching YouTube. I could convert that time into learning about cryptocurrency, but if I’m going to use that time for something profitable instead of media consumption, I’d rather use it to do something creative.

I also don’t really have the space for it unless I could put my raspberry pi to good use, which I’ve heard of someone doing. I just don’t know if it’d be worth the time with such weak hardware.

All that considered, I would still watch a crypto video or series if it were put on by Tek Syndicate. Even if I’m not going to get into it, I’d still find it entertaining.

1 Like has a good community around it, but they are still humans.

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So I said fuck it and went to best buy to get a power supply to throw in this Asus prebuilt i7-3770 desktop I found and threw my 970 4GB in there to mine with. This card had been sitting doing nothing for about 6 months… this is actually a nice gaming rig now

So far mined about 100 ByteCoin, and now I’m looking into mining Verge or Turtle. I’d really like to mine a coin I can get a few hundred in a day of.

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I was mining with my 980ti some zclassic and now Bitcoin Gold. Basically mining what is according to mining pool hub the most profitable.
Have some bitcoin and will exchange ripple for zclassic hopping for the BTCP fork to take off.

Do you guys have any other methods of finding a profitable coin?

I look for coins with a low difficulty that I think will have much higher value in the future. I’m not an expert on analyzing that, more of just taking educated guesses. I’m not that concerned because I have next to nothing invested in hardware specifically for this purpose. Imagine mining a few thousand Bitcoin wayyy back before like 2009 or some shit and holding them

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Yea that’s for sure the dream in these times we live in :D. Also started with 0 investment had my 980ti for years got it on auction.
Will try to look for what you suggested. Any sources you follow? or do you just google.

Not really as much as I should. I listen to Altcoin Buzz now that Logan suggested it. I also periodically browse and keep my eyes on the markets. My crypto information feed is something I have been planning to work on but it’s hard having a full time job, being a gamer, and having a social life and trying to balance an obsession with crypto :smiley:

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Looks like I’m building a dedicated rig. Got everything minus a GPU, which I think I may be getting a 570 for a sweet deal. Wish me luck! I’ll be using an old socket 775 mobo that’s brand new and building my own frame from aluminum.