Anyone play an instrument?

I play a 1977 Takamine. Also known as the lawsuit guitar.

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I play guitar, but not very well (a Fender cut-away acoustic)

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I’m a bassist


I play a lot of guitar. have an 8 string and several 6 strings. Also play some bass and didgeridoo on the side.

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I have played saxophone for 5 years now, and clarinet for 8. I also know how to play guitar, but I don’t play much. Saxophone is my favorite.

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Anyone in a band or formerly in a band?

I had played piano, violin and trumpet up until 16 or so; then I picked up guitar. I haven’t played as much recently, DJ’ing has kind of taken over as my musical outlet. I have an Ibanez Jet King, an old Vox solid-state 2x12" combo, Epiphone Valve Jr, and Vox Pathfinder 2x10 ministack. DJ gear is the pretty standard 2xTechnics 1200 M3D’s and a Rane TTM57sl mixer.

I was in a band in college, we played a lot of local shows and house parties. We did win a campus battle of the bands and we technically opened for Wiz Khalifa and Live (weird pairing, eh?), though they were later in the day than our slot.

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I dont play an instrument but I have always wanted to. Both the piano and guitar have drawn my attention. I have always loved music and would like create my own some day.

I play bass guitar.
Was in a band in secondary school until I went to cégep.

I started with drums, then piano… I play guitar and mandolin (not well) also.


Guitar. 7-String primarily.

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I’ve thought about getting a 7 string electric. Would you recommend it over a 6? If so, What are some advantages or disadvantages?

Very cool. The closest I’ve come to that experience is being a roadie for my best friend’s band. They would would open for bands like Mushroomhead and such.

Do it!

I would, depending on the type of music you’re interested in or want to play.

The neat thing about having a 7-String is that if you use a tuning like ADADGBE you can still play the top 6 strings like a regular 6-string, but then you have that bottom A string for heavy de-tuned riffing.

What type of music are they intended for? djent?

Mhm, yeah. But they’re used in other genres too, a lot of them are variants of metal, but a few jazz artists use 7-strings too.

Here a few bands I listen to that use 7-Strings

DIR EN GREY, Deftones, Periphery, Animals As Leaders,

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I love all those bands. I believe Tosin from Animals as Leaders is using an 8 or 9 string now. Craziness, chaos. I will for sure check out a 7 string. More research needed. Thanks.

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Forgive my ignorance, but what music uses the mandolin and how would you go about learning to play such an instrument?

You can use it in many genres…

It’s mostly know as a bluegrass instrument, but I love it in Irish/Celtic, classical, and folk metal.

Thsi is a Mandocello. It is amazing.

Better audio:

It’s also great for weirdness:

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