Any Thoughts on Windows 10 LTSB?

Hey guys, I know a lot of people here are like me and care about privacy in Windows 10. Along with finding ways to take out Cortana, and all the Modern Applications or at least most of them.

Some people care about having the latest and greatest updates and “features”, some people don’t. I am curious as to what everyone thinks of the Long Term Servicing Branch available to Windows 10 Enterprise. From what I can tell, it only updates when you download another Windows 10 ISO to actually upgrade the OS, it receives security updates for at least 10 years from its release through Windows Update but no feature updates whatsoever, and with it being Enterprise you can manage it however you would like to an extent.

Plus it doesn’t have any Modern Applications, no Cortana :laughing: , no Edge browser, no nothing except for the Settings application. It doesn’t even have a Windows Store for Modern Applications. Anyways my question is what do you guys think of this, and would you choose LTSB if you were able to?

I can get a Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB from my work :smile: to install on my computers at home, though I am hesitant to do so as I am not sure what the downsides maybe.


Microsoft being Microsoft will still find a secretive means to monitor, and extract your data. I know I sound cynical, but based upon Microsoft’s past record, I cannot see them suddenly letting the enterprise consumer go solo.

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I’m gonna game on Windows 7 until its dead. Hopefully by then Linux Gaming will have taken off and be the new norm.


Truth be told I never heard of this before. I am curious to see how well it works my self. I use normal Windows 10. I do want to learn Linux, but it’s tough for me to learn when I have Windows on this machine. I need to get a dedicated Linux machine.

If you wish to learn Linux just create a removable ‘Live USB’ via Rufus or similar Live USB tools.

When I get tired of Win10 I swtich back to Linux Mint via a Live USB or use my dedicated Ubuntu 16 LTS laptop.

The Linux ‘terminal’ isn’t that difficult once you utilise it a few times.

I have heard of it and even have the iso but never installed, the ideia is very good for me, I use spybot anti-beacon for cutting the telemetry of microsoft and use a local account. But this LTSB is in theory a great distro but never installed in a daily basis machine

The reason I want to make a dedicated machine is because I know I will go right back to Windows once I get confused by something. I’ve tried in the past.

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On having a machine with Linux? Well, I have try it for a few months but I’m to into the GUI of Windows and after a while I become a little tired of it and return to windows.
I also play a old game, Championship Manager 01-02 and I didn’t knew how to make it run over on Linux. And now, I have a 4k UHD and I use plex for streaming my movies, and I also use Ace Player for streaming sports games over on the tv, so I didn’t learn to make that work over on Linux…

But back to the topic, Have anyone here install and use on daily basics machine the 10 LTSB?

I found this Wiki Article of windows 10 comparisons I think it’s a good starting point of discussion!

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