Any promo codes for the store currently?

As the title says. Ive always wanted to get one of the burning earth T shirts. Yet to get a 18$USD t shirt with shipping and currency exchange in Canada it comes to about 39$ for me.

Thanks! @Logan

At the moment I’d reckon the chances of there being a promo code are slim but I guess there’s no harm in asking.

Ya probably not. Just sucks soooo bad to be in Canada right now buying stuff online.

I hate our shopping costs but we don’t ship enough to qualify for a volume discount. I’ll ask to see what can be done.


Has there been any movement on this @Logan? I wanted to order a few shirts but shipping is killing it for me. Maybe with the holidays coming we can get some kind of discount code or something? Please? Hell, even just buying a mug this shipping is murder (and with my luck it’ll show up shattered.)


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