Anti Trump Protests/Riots?


I am wondering whats happening with the anti Trump Protests in the USA? I saw the video on HowToLive yesterday and saw this ( video today. Its also trending on twitter under #TrumpRiot

Are there really this kind of riots happening all over the USA?

Yes. It’s ridiculous…that’s really all i have to say about it.


If you watch the msm yes

True riots are rare or non existent, mostly peaceful demonstrations that get ruined by a few degenerates.

But really just the most liberal areas that dont understand that America is not a democracy, it’s a constitutionallly limited republic.

He won fair and square.


That doesn’t really matter. The media on both sides demonized and belittled each candidate and their supporters to a point to a point where regardless of who won shit like this was bound to happen. Trump is literally Hittler. His supporters are Nazis. This is the end of democracy as you know it, there wont be another election (Bill Maher, Michael Moore). His supporters are nothing but hateful terrible people who are only supporting him out of hate (despite the economy being the #1 issue in exit polls if I remember correctly). Hillary is the most corrupt evil politician ever. She is the devil. She is robbing you of the election. She murders people, despises men and will strip away our sovereignty.

The list goes on.

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It sucks that their preffered candidate didnt win. Whining about it and rioting wont get you what you want…
The end

Safe here as this is a pro-Trump area, I didn’t have a preference as I am horrible with politics. Everyb ody, flee to small farm towns and you will be good.

Good day to you.

The vast majority of the stuff Trump’s said will never happen.
Apparently he’s already taken some of the edgier shit off his site.
Just gotta be worried about whimsical tweets of his starting WW3

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I was expressing the opinion of many of the people who bought in to the media campaign against trump. and hence now think the world is about to end. They are saying this shit. If you want you can replace the word Hitler with fascist and Nazi with hateful bigots and you will get another common sentiment among far left young people. All I was saying is that in many of their heads they are out there fighting a great evil rising.

Its not my own opinion. I don’t agree with this elections hyperbolic nature. I wasn’t even trying to have an argument with you.

But whatever. Good day.

I agree. Even if he wanted to it would be really difficult. Its like people have forgotten that there is a pretty robust system of checks and balances in our govt.

baffled child
these deviant liberal machinations shall not stump the trump

dont be a lib
hes 100 day pledge is still there
he said he got a lovely letter from putin
biggest threat to the world is the eu now

On another note I really hope this shits not going on tomorrow during the day since I have family visiting and have to go to pdx tomorrow to pick them up. Id rather not get stuck in traffic for hours on end.

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id say run them over but then id be the moral degenerate not them

I’m picking them up before noon so hopefully they haven’t woken up yet.


Just noticed @1:16 Logan is cheering them on and high fives a guy.

In the How to Live video

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Is Logan behind all of those riots??? :smiley:

They have a right to protest. However, they are protesting the wrong thing. Why did they throw Bernie under the rug? Why are we stuck with a two party system? Maybe we need to work on the electoral college? Why did the DNC focus on one of the unpopular candidates in a long time?

Here is an article with some e-mail information about how the DNC was planning against Bernie Sanders to make sure Clinton won. Do you think they regret this yet?

Why is no one protesting this? They are protesting the outcome, not the system(s) that led to the outcome.
Protest the third party! Blame Gary Johnson! It’s his fault! (Even though he was a republican, and took votes away form both sides, likely more Trump votes. I got Bernie fans to look at Johnson, who stopped caring when they realized he wasn’t like Bernie regarding economics and school.)

If you don’t fight this system, nothing will change.

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Timestamped 1:10

Looks like he supports it