Analyise my build

Looking to refresh my build from 2 years ago, some of these parts I already have (PSU, GPU and most drives)


Use of computer

50% - Gaming @ 1440p
50% - Graphic Design, 4k Video, photography, Web Development 50%


Silent at idle and also dust free computer aiming for idle 35 degrees load 70-75 degrees
Classy and Clean exterior with subtle RGB elements, rather than loads of RGB fans…
To use push pull on my radiator at very low RPM

Main components

Phanteks Entho Evolve ATX Glass
Corsair Vengeance 32gb DDR4 3000Mhz RGB?
Intel 8700K (6 core 12 thread)
(already own) EVGA 1070 FTW OC to 2.1ghz
Corsair RM850
Corsair Black Modular Cable full set (with combs)
Kraken X52 240mm AIO Push Pull at Low RPM (Front radiator)
Corsair Mag Lev 140 and 120mm Fans all-round

Phanteks RGB strip along bottom half and sides of case

1x 140 in rear
3x 120 in top
4x 120 in front


2x WD Black 2TB
2x Samsung PRO SSDs 500GB
1x 860 Evo M.2 250GB
Back up to WD 5TB External drive

Peripherals (Already have)

Corsair K70 RGB
Corsair M65 Mouse
HyperX Cloud I (before the design went gash)


It looks good to me. Its a shame that the 8700k is either hard to find or sold at a premium at the moment but it is probably the best chip for your described uses (assuming you are using the adobe suite).

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Because some people like the punch; even when no one else is drinking it.

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Since your front mounting the CLC, be sure to make sure the pump part is on the bottom of the case and not the top. This is to ensure that bubbles don’t get into the loop over time as it degrades.

rear exhaust fan is not needed if you have this many fans on the top. Hell just go with the one exhaust and ditch the three on top. The CFM on those fans should be more than enough to remove the heat from inside the case.

I have the non RGB version of this. I fucking love this keyboard though.

I got the II’s. Pretty solid!

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Probably because that would be the entire thread had he not clearly stated that.

@Sir_Toucan my only suggestion would be to consider cable mod LED strips instead. While yes it’s convenient the phanteks strips plug right in to the case they have a high failure rate (source: I work for a boutique building company)

Did you mean 960? lol

What’s your idea of low RPM? this chip is VERY hot fans will have to be at at least 1500 rpm with a 240mm cooler. Might want to consider a bigger one if low rpm is a priority for you.

Hi Thanks for the fan advice very helpful!

What about positive/negative pressure? As I want to suck out as much dust, my room is quite dust prone despite cleaning dusting weekly


Hi Thanks for your recommendation of the cable mod LEDs they lok good and are similar price I wil be sure to pucahse them :slight_smile:

Definitely :wink:

Well as low as possible, happy to spend more on a 280mm but then it would ideally be top mounted in the case and the airflow in the top isn’t great…