America Has Gone Crazy | Trump, Hate, SJWs, And The Future - Thoughts From Logan

He really didn’t
TPP gone
Funding for planned Parenthood overseas withdrawn
Freeze on hiring federal workers
Moving towards a trade deal with an independent UK

More positives there than 8 years of Obama IN HIS FIRST WEEKDAY IN OFFICE


I hate these kind of videos… Logan doesnt know anymore about politics than anyone else on this forum and creating videos about it through a channel that has very little to do with politics is just annoying.

I have no problem with the politics when it pertains to technology and is well researched, but it just seems like every youtuber is making a general political statement for some reason and its frustrating. I dont want to see politics everywhere I look.

But you know thats just like… My opinion mannn.

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This is why Trump voters are the most misinformed people on the planet. They’re literally doing the exact same thing that Obama’s administration did - bombing ISIS. But when Trump does it it’s somehow the best thing since sliced bread. Never mind the fact that ISIS is pretty much done. Has been for months now. What you’re fighting now are remnants. They started losing territory badly in January last year. In second half of 2015 they slashed their fighter’s salaries by 50% and their recruitment from other countries has all but disappeared.

But it’s good to know that fearmongering still works as a tactic.

Right. Ignore the fact that Obama managed to fix the mangled economy left by the Bush administration and that he saved the auto industry which saved 1.2 million jobs (but unlike Trump Obama doesn’t brag about everything he did), he reformed health care so that 20 million Americans could get health care, including people with pre-existing condition. Ignore that he stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline from being built, and that he banned the off-shore drilling, potentially buying you all some time and that he managed to pretty much avoid a disastrous future war with Iran by signing the Iran nuclear deal and that he signed the Paris Climate Agreement. And this is just off the top of my head.

But Trump signs three documents and you claim it’s more positives than in 8 years. How clueless are you people? Seriously?


The Iran nuclear deal is a farce, they should not have been given concessions.
There is no good reason to cripple the country on the interests of halting so called anthropogenic climate change. Obama did nothing to sort out infrastructure and every single American, not least the poor, know that Obama care is a total travesty.
Oh and I’m not an American so you can stop trying to take the smug look at me I’m a clever European you’re a dopey American line.

Also nice to see you didn’t touch defunding planned Parenthood or swiftly giving the UK a trade deal as Obama would NEVER do either and yet they are very good things indeed.
How clueless are you? Seriously?

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The Iran Nuclear deal is called diplomacy. Google the word. There is no theoretical good ending with Iran without that deal considering the warpath that Republicans were on before it. They were actively trying to acomplish literally the exact same Iraq scenario with WMD bullshit. And Iran was given their own money back. And in return the rest of us in the civilized world got exactly what we wanted from them.

As for climate change - lol. Not even worth debating. If you’re clueless about climate change and can’t think more than one step in front of you there’s no point in forcing the issue.

The Republican Congress blocked Obama’s infrastructure plan. The president is not the king. He can’t just do whatever he wants when he wants. So blame the Republicans in Congress. And it’s not like Trump already achieved that so hold your horses.

As for Planned Parenthood - I should keep my mouth shut on this one because I think there’s a special place in hell for people who think that Planned Parenthood is a bad idea. Defunding it is fuckin’ moronic.

And the trade deal with the UK? What trade deal? We don’t know anything about it yet. So how can you tell that it’s positive or negative? And how do you know if Obama would do it or not? He was at the end of his second term. Was he supposed to announce something that he couldn’t possibly be involved in?

I guess you are very, very clueless.

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Is there a way for me to block politics on this forum?

Because it looks like they’re quickly devolving into a shitshow.


There is literally nothing i could even break through the wall of crap you have built yourself! AHAHAHA thanks for the laugh mate!

Now kids, this is a great example of rampant brainwashing, remember to always wash your ears out after sitting in front of the tube for extended periods of time…

Don’t mind me, just bringing some “constructive criticism” :3


Just ignore this topic. I’m not doing anymore political stuff, though this was fun to watch (the reactions). I had hoped the left vs right nonsense wouldn’t be the focus… It’s just so divisive and both sides are missing it.


You’re denying that the bailout helped the auto industry, you know, not go bankrupt?:

And you’re denying that the recession happened during the Bush administration and that it ended during Obama:

But I suppose that you have “alternative facts”.

go study economics m8, sometimes “helping” on the short term can be damning to the future, which happened lel.

recessions tend to do that because of the structure of our economy, he didn’t do it, we did

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So bankrupting the auto industry and losing 1.2 million jobs would have helped the country in what way exactly? Since you’re grasping at the economics as some kind of argument, illuminate me using economics.

Didn’t you just tell me to study economics? And you seem completely oblivious to why the recession even happened. And if the government didn’t fix the economy (which is their job) then how exactly did you do it?

I won’t waste my time explaining economics. Why?
Because you won’t GOOGLE basic ideas and concepts before arguing your naive position.

Since you think economics is so simple that i may explain these two issues to you WITHOUT WRITING A BOOK ON THE SUBJECTS! How about you learn from better men than I.

Or is that too difficult for you?

Do you have any idea how obvious it is that you’re incapable of providing an answer right now? You dug yourself into that hole, I didn’t force you to run your mouth about things you know nothing about.

Oh and, good luck with the economy by the way. Since Trump is going to cut about 75% of regulations, including the checks and balances put in place to protect you from the Wall Street gambling with your money, you’re going to experience another recession probably sometimes in the next 5 years. You know, just how it happened the last time when Republicans cut banking regulations. Buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.
To be fair though, Clinton would have done the same thing considering her donors so you’d be fucked either way.

But what do I know about the economy…

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The amount of logical fallacies in this thread is over 9000


Yes, yes it will, and we will be better for it.

No, that was a nice way of saying I’m not going to argue (i have a life and responsibilities that demand my time), just go learn stuff, it’s not hard.

Call me in 4 - 8 years and then we can talk. :smiley:

You said it

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Sure, but buy some gold anyway. You’ll thank me later.

Awesome. I’m all for people to have their own opinions, but when people belittle others because of it, I start to get a little miffed.

Look at the facts, make your opinion, be open to new information, and don’t get mad somebody is different.

Oddly enough out of all the people I watch on YouTube Philip DeFranco has essentially been the one who has been taking that stance.

EDIT: Just reread what I wrote. I am sorry if it comes across as being negative of you @Logan, I definitely don’t mean it that way. I was more referring to some other people I’ve had the… fun of interacting with on both sides recently.

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There is informed Left-Right dialog, it is just not found on the MSM cause of ratings

Same thing happened with Reagan in 1980. Everyone got triggered when he stood up to the evil empire, then more triggered when he and Gorbachev eliminated IRBM’s, nukes with a very short flight time and very dangerous.
Stephen F Cohen is from the far left, John Bachelor is from the middle right.

If a group cannot do constructive dialog on AMD vs Intel without a flamewar it won’t with right vs left.

Building tall buildings is based on hard science or they fall down. Wikileaks has never been proven false.

FCC and EPA don’t stop monopolies that is the purview of anti-trust. Neither of these agencies busted up Ma Bell. It was after there was noise of busting up MS that MS bought a news network. I do not recal M$nbc endorsing Trump.

"No More Elitism" Does this mean we will get to see an APU video!


I would like to ask what makes conservatives think they are at the center of the universe just because they want to enact tariffs on trade? Its not like some radical idea, you can find this method in any econ 101 book.

I also dont understand why liberals seem to think the “rest of the world” and the “European Union” are the same thing. Why also is an American first system bad for an American government?

Actually they fucked up a few times, but considering how they mostly rely on Twitter to do their reporting, they are usually pretty quick to delete false information that they release before there’s any real backlash. Mainstream media doesn’t have that luxury because when they issue a false statement it’s usually in the form of a video on TV so they have to make another statement apologizing for the previous one.

But even if we were to ignore the fact that Wikileaks can fuck up (like when during the campaign they reported that Clinton’s campaign manager was deleting his tweets, but he just didn’t have any) ask yourself how reliable and objective they truly are. They sat on the Clinton and Podesta e-mails for a long time and they chose to release that info during the general election. Not to mention that the RNC also got hacked, yet we’re supposed to believe that Wikileaks doesn’t have any of the RNC e-mails? Comey said this month that Russians gained “limited access” to RNC. Of course it’s limited, the DNC hack was also limited. But what does that even mean? How much did they get? We don’t know and nobody even talks about that. So we don’t and we can’t know what’s in their e-mails and are some of the Republican politicians perhaps being blackmailed. If Clinton’s private server is a legitimate concern then so is this. To claim otherwise would be a double standard. And is anyone here seriously naive enough to trust one political party and what they have to say about it, and ignore the fact that this happens to be the same political party that lied about the WMD’s in Iraq, and that tried to push for the war with Iran and is literally responsible for countless deaths?
But even if we ignore the potential RNC problem, we can and we should ask Wikileaks why didn’t they release any of the DNC e-mails during the primaries? How is anyone rational supposed not to think that they were actively trying to help one side. And that’s partisanship in the guise of journalism. It’s no better than when CNN focuses on the negative aspects of the Republican party or when Fox News focuses on the negative aspects of the Democratic party. They also don’t make up things. They just don’t report the other side of the issue.