America Has Gone Crazy | Trump, Hate, SJWs, And The Future - Thoughts From Logan

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A little perspective from Logan on Inauguration Day.

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i think this day was ment for Logan to finally let the inner him come out haha, great stuff!

Best video about this whole thing so far.

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Good video. I wish you were more serious like this more often. Balance between crazy Logan and rational Logan is best Logan.

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From the UK
You ought to be most grateful for trump, I wish we had someone more like him here (Farage has all but retired)
America first is not racist, it’s common sense.
Only a fool looks after an others to the extent that they fail to look after themselves. It is beyond negligence.
And as regards so called waves of ‘xenophobia’, for one they are not nearly as prevalent as the media would have you think, for second, consider for a second that xenophobia literally means a fear of strangers, are we not taught as children to be weary of strangers?
Rightly so when they come along with their own culture which they now seek to superimpose upon us


Yes I really wanted Trump

Youre whole thing about lobbying is (not sure how to put this) off, the entire point of him is that he cant be lobbied, no one can buy him. No comment on the people he’s appointing however.

the video was acceptable until the last ten seconds


He is the quintessential representation of the money behind the lobbies, whereas Hillary was the quintessential representation of the politicians profiting from lobbies. However, the problem with lobbying isn’t necessarily in the White House, it’s in Congress.

I don’t like Trump, and I really think he could cause massive setbacks to all sorts of progress that has been made in any number of areas, but I don’t think he’s the harbinger of doom and gloom that a lot make him out to be. Much like previous Presidents, I think he’s going to be hit with the reality of Washington politics in the face pretty hard. What I fear, more than whatever policies he may enact, is the public spiraling out of control.

Did Logan get attacked by a cat?

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also yes

nah, its good, what you see on the news is a hyperbole of whats actually happening

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I don’t really watch the news (Al-Jazeera from time to time) so I’m not using the protests as a basis to judge ‘out of control;’ it’s more of a ‘cyclical fatalism’ or self-fulfilling prophecy thing that I am referring to as ‘out of control.’ If Trump follows through on campaign promises, this will only embolden the Trump supporters, and confirm the ‘we’re doomed’ belief of those who oppose him. Rather than trying to find common ground, the public becomes increasingly divided and willing to live in their chosen political echo chamber. We’re already well on the way there, and I can’t see Trump reconciling the differences.


I will leave this here, gives an interesting look into why the left loss by the point of view of a trump supporter.
I will give my views on the thing as a brit and a northen brit at that tomrrow when I have time to write something.


I’m not personally interested in getting involved with politics publicly - but I want to know, did you guys like this sort of personal/editorial content? I know some people were really turned away because Tek Syndicate previously made the channel to be “tech”-focused, but I’ve heard some really great feedback from this video.

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100% agree. we got stuck in a shit sandwich, and got the less shit end, IMO.

Since no one else will talk about it, what’s goin on with that scratch on your face? @Logan Did you and Doug have a fight? He needs to stop using those fighting words.

Although I dont share some of Logan’s viewpoints I appreciate him presenting both sides

Style was nice


Great video man, enjoyed that more “personal” style. Would love to see more.

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Today I learned that one of my Senators got an electoral vote for Vice President.

She wasn’t even running.

Can any good come from it? I only agree we need to stay ever vigilant on what our government is up to, the net neutrality issue for example. Not even Trump can get rid of all the lobbyists that ply their manipulative powers and money over corrupt politicians, maybe he can name and shame them on twitter.

Parting gift from Obama (who oddly so many paint him as some sort of saint) expanded the spying and surveillance capabilities of the Government.

Meanwhile you have the media wanting to fan the flames and use these agitators to keep the hate going, if things escalate then it’ll get ugly before it gets better. Right now all I see are a lot of business getting their windows smashed, many of which supported Clinton.

Obama left Trump with an additional 9.3 Trillion in debt (what do we have to show for it?), I’m sure it’ll undoubtedly be somehow blamed on Trump before long. I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all to take a more isolationist approach, it’ll probably end up being more a gesture rather than a commitment anyway.

And let’s not forget that Hillary was wanting to start WWIII with Russia over John Podesta’s so called email hack (phishing attack) that exposed all the dirty laundry about how the Democrats conspired to keep Bernie from being the party nominee.

Another thing, obama care or the so called affordable care act. I think people in Europe assume this was some NHS type program, it wasn’t. Premium last year for basically a catastrophic insurance plan was $270 per month with a $5000 deductible (no dental, no optical), this year it went up to $540 with $8000 deductible and again that’s for some bronze catastrophic insurance plan. Sure, some twenty million got free health care but at the expense of bleeding everyone else dry.


I enjoyed the video but of course I didn’t agree with all that he said. I do think that there is a place for violence right now but it has to be directed properly. People have done things the democratic way for so long and yes it has allowed for some good things to happen that don’t happen in other countries but there comes a time when your governments are so corrupt and it so obvious and you know that no good is going to come from continuing down the same path so you start a revolution and yes in the type I am talking about it requires violence. Anyway back to my bunker and trying to arrange a Canadian militia … Good luck America as you will need it if you are going to rely on the way politics is done now to fix your country.

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Lol, enjoy your “alternative facts”.

Three days into the administration and they found a way to rebrand lying into something that sounds more “politically correct”.