AMD Ryzen & Vega (Doom playable at 4k Ultra!), EVGA, & Thermaltake | CES 2017 | Tek Syndicate

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While Hutch was out at CES networking, Logan came for a day to check out what CES had to offer. We got our hands on a Ryzen and Vega AMD build and played around in Doom, crashed the EVGA suite to check out their new laptops and GPUs, and talked 'shop about modding and new gear at the ThermalTake room. Expect part two of our CES coverage to come later this week!

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Great video once again!

Great to see you, and the Crit Team cover CES 2017 Logan :smile_cat:

Fingers crossed for bigger coverage next year with new sponsors coming on board courtesy of Hutch’s networking at this year’s CES (as mentioned in the Tavern)

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It looks like an AM3+ board with metal PCI-e x16 slots.

At least they are 3.0 slots this time. Hooray!

I think CES 2017 was great!

Interesting to see the Tek Syndicate label again…