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AMD Ryzen Thread


Continuing the discussion from The Tavern:

Following up on @Cavemanthe0ne’s post in the Tavern, I figure it might be time to have a Ryzen thread since everything is becoming official as of today it seems.

TL;DR version of everything: Preorders start today at 1PM EST, ship date is 2 March worldwide. AMD’s benchmarks look promising and the non-flagship parts are cheap as chips. NDA appears to lift for press reviews 2 March as well. Watch the first video for the official release.


[details=Third Party Videos]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTu7ryfKO5E

CPU IO Setup:

Chipset IO Setup:

Initial Prices:

Ryzen 5 (6c/12t 4c/8t) and Ryzen 3 (4c/4t) do not seem to have completely official specs and prices at the moment.

Motherboard information:


My initial impressions:

Ryzen is definitely moving in the SoC direction with a lot of the IO capabilities on the processor itself. It also appears to be in the same market as Intel’s current Skylake and Kaby Lake offerings rather than the X99 territory. Having x16 PCIe 3.0 lanes dedicated for graphics seems to be par for the course, allowing x8/x8 for those that do Crossfire/SLI, but it’s interesting to see that the processor itself has dedicated x4 PCIe 3.0 specifically for storage. I guess people really do like their SSDs after all.

The chipsets look to be on par with Intel’s Z-, H-, and B-series chipsets too. The X370 has a whole slew of IO capabilities with 14 USB ports and 8 SATA ports in addition to the x8 PCIe 2.0 lanes that are available (again, separate from the CPU lanes). I’m also curious about the SFF chipsets. To me it would seem if they cut out the extra PCIe lanes they could use it for integrated WiFi or something along those lines, which should theoretically reduce overall costs compared to a third party WiFi adapter.

Also, since stuff is split between the motherboard and SoC, could that mean that it would allow for more backwards compatibility in the future? Say AMD releases Ryzen 2 in the future, could it be possible to drop it in an older motherboard and still function, just without using some of the newly integrated stuff? Intel’s method of having new CPU sockets come out every couple months without making them backwards compatible to even the most recent socket is frankly a pain in the ass.


So far things are looking amazing!

EU pricing from mindfactory:

1800X - 559€
1700X - 449€
1700 - 359€


Processors and motherboards are live on Newegg (Amazon’s being annoying)

Looks to be priced at MSRP.

Newegg Motherboard Links















no ITX boooo


“Technical complexities” pushing back production as far as I can tell. They’ll come, just not right off the bat.


870.74 doll hairs later…gonna cram it in my shiny new Cosmos II, gonna watercool it, and hopefully I don’t break anything cause I have no idea what a safe OC on this will be. Had to go through NCIX US, and Newegg. Thought about Newegg, Mobo choices were small, and sales tax is too high for these kinds of purchases.

I also don’t understand why people want ITX on launch. My assumption is anyone who wants ITX is looking for something tiny, with a smaller power draw. Like a less practical Laptop.


LAN rig, specifically flying with them

also no point in big rig, my main machine is m-atx


Daily used an ITX X99 system with a 130W 10-core Xeon and GTX 980.

Y-yeah, totally looking for that low-power stuff. Nothing about wanting a PC that doesn’t weigh 60lbs and take up half the desk.


I kinda want an mATX X-series board. ITX is a bit too small for my uses, but ATX is a bit too big.


Bought a ~fifty pound case, can brain any animal I meet with the case alone. Overkill is the best kind of kill. What is the point of having a PC if it can’t be used as violently as a power tool?


The ITX is going to be so epic.


Can we expect any reviews in March, or is that going to wait til the ITX boards release?