AMD R7 1700X @ 4.0 GHz Gaming/Game Dev Rig Build

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We have been playing with these AMD parts a lot, and we have had amazing luck in the overclocking department. Our 1800X is not stable at 4.2 and this one is running nicely at 4.0 at only 1.33V. That’s good for all day computing.

Also, these CPUs are an unreal value for unreal engine (or unity, cryengine, etc.) development because they are pretty good at gaming and awesome at productivity. At this price, it’s a no-brainer for game development.

Here are the specs:

Specs and prices:

We built this PC with spare parts. If you are serious you should consider the following: Let us know what you think.

Have been wanting to get into game development and do some other more “productivity” based projects. All I do is game right now.

Think my next PC will be close to this. My current rig is getting long in the tooth and I could use an upgrade. Going to wait tell later in the year to start looking around.

this hinting at a new gamE?

Think its the game logan has been making with a developer, game is called Zweihänder

Video with some info

us jerking around with the camera:

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Interesting progress over what I saw last year at the LAN

Do you plan on having a proof of concept demo for the KS?

Does the r7 line benefit from the same multi-core scaling in game engines other than Unreal?

It seems that every good motherboard in back order in Canada. I need something to sit 64gb of ram on it. Any suggestions? I was going to go with ASROCK Taichi am4