AMD GPU Driver question

Hello everyone, I am updating my GPU drivers so I always do this manually through AMD’s website. I select my type of GPU, OS, and everything and all the new drivers are called Crimson ReLive Edition. There is a 16.12.2 minimal setup, a 16.12.1, and a 16.12.2 optional. I know what the minimal setup driver is. But what is the difference between the 16.12.1 and 16.12.2 optional driver other than one being a few days newer? Basically what I want to know is why is it optional?

I guess optional is similar to a beta driver. And the 16.12.1 is the WHQL, so the big release driver.

You don’t need to get the optional one, but you can, if you want to have the latest shit.

16.12.1 Release Notes

16.12.2 Release Notes