AMD FX-9590 + AMD Radeon RX 480?

Is it a good combo?

I mean, there’s nothing really wrong with it - but depends on your budget and use case.

for gaming?

If amd CPU is what you want you may want to wait tell zen. I know I’ve always said to just get what’s out now. But zen should come out very soon. Plus those older amd CPUs have some trouble in CPU bound games. That being said it will still be a pc that will serve you well

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Well what would you recommend in this sort of pricerange?

wait for zen, or get an intel i5


Hey @SlipperySlipper, I would say take @Dynamic_Gravity advise as if you are gaming you won’t need that many cores. also it is a very old architecture, and there’s just more features on the intel side ATM.
If you would like to look further into this subject here’s some with a similar problem

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