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We get political this week (hello YouTube censorship demonetization). Ajit Pai is doing all he can to kill competition in the ISP field. Also, Trump’s team is discussing a ban on encryption, dark matter predicted by AI, and tons of gaming news.


The Pentagon has a laser that identifies people by their heartbeat

Trump White House Reportedly Debating Encryption Policy Behind Closed Doors

Justice Elena Kagan warns AI-powered gerrymandering may hurt democracy – Business Insider

Google and Private Research University Sued for Sharing Medical Data Without Patient Consent

House votes to block Ajit Pai’s plan to kill San Francisco broadband law | Ars Technica

Americans demand climate action (as long as it doesn’t cost much): Reuters poll – Reuters

Nobody wants EVs, says BMW – motoring.com.au

First AI Model of the Universe Knows Science it was Never Taught

NASA will fly a billion-dollar quadcopter to Titan, Saturn’s methane-rich moon | Science | AAAS

Production technique enables large scale graphene | The Engineer The Engineer

This Startup Wants To Use A Hypersonic Catapult To Throw Satellites Directly Into Space By 2022

New AI deepfake app creates nude images of women in seconds – The Verge

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The Office will leave Netflix in 2021 – The Verge

THE CURRENT WAR :: OFFICIAL TRAILER – In Theaters This October – YouTube

Tim Sweeney blames Valve for crowdfunding uproar, claims Steam “traps crowdfunded projects” on their platform – News and general PC gaming – PCGamingWiki PCGW Community

TaleSpire by Bouncyrock — Kickstarter

Humble RPG Book Bundle: 5th Edition Beast of a Bundle (pay what you want and help charity)

Crunch is “not sustainable” but Blizzard wouldn’t be Blizzard without it, founder says • Eurogamer.net

OpenCritic might add a “crunch meter” to document devs’ work/life balance | PCGamesN

Valve to continue Steam gaming on Ubuntu Linux | ZDNet

id Software’s origin story set to become USA Network TV series | Ars Technica

Wolfenstein: Youngblood will be the series’ first game to release uncensored in Germany | PCGamesN

‘Pokémon Masters’ is pitting old trainers against each other this summer

The Steam Summer Sale Grand Prix game is confusing the hell out of everyone | PC Gamer

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