AIO Printer that has a Feed Scanner - Under $200

I’m on the hunt for a printer that has a Feed Scanner so I can scan all of my family’s old photos.

I started to scan some but found out scanning them with a flatbed scanner would take me forever. I was able to go through about 75 in 1 day scanning images off and on.

I thought a scan feeder would speed this process up much faster but I’m not sure what to get. I actually looked at the one Logan has in the office but that’s way to expensive.

I found one that might look good but I was curious if anyone had any recommendations to point me in a better direction if possible.

I also just found this one which looks interesting too.

The Canon Pixma line is usually on sale for under $100 at the big box stores. We’ve had one for years and it’s been reliable. The downside is, since it’s a inkjet, refills are costly.

Pixma Printer

Interesting. I can scan pictures through the feeder up top?

Sure can!

Any chance you can scan a picture through the feed for me so I can see the quality? :slight_smile:

If it looks good I would love to spend the money on the one you linked!

Nope, can’t do it. Too much clutter on the desk and a lot of other things to do. It’s a fine line of printers, and I’m sure if you google around you’ll find some examples.