Advice on my media server

Right now i have my home built amd 8350 with 32 gb ram media server running windows 7 (cant stand 8 or 10) with a ssd as my os drive then for my media i am running 4 3tb and 4 6tb drives (half is for back up which i do manually every month). My question is would a raid set up be a better choice for this (I don’t like my back up drives even powered on when I am not making my back ups to cut down on wear and tear). Or is there another option. My issue is I am having to split up my shared folders more and more because I am running out of room for media and haven’t found a way to share through windows from multi drives under one link. I have wired my whole house with cat 6 running through a switch to custom built pcs on all of my 5 tvs. Aside from my ssd the drives are wd green (the 3tb drives) and red (the 6tb drives. And as for cost the less the better .

Thanks for your input in advance.

The greens should not be used in a raid. The reds are fine to use. Since you’re using windows there’s not really anything you can do with the green drives on the system. Your best best if you do want to use raid is to stick with the reds.

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