Advice on monitors

Hey guys and gals I am looking to build a new rig we have so many options. Does anyone recommend a particular monitor ? I am probably going 1080 so any suggestions all welcome.


What’s your budget? Do you need high color accuracy? Any specific inputs you’d like. Details help us give you the best option. :slight_smile:

In general Acer usually makes really good low cost monitors.

Well am self-employed so it’s a business expense regardless lol

I’d like it to be good for games also.

Other than that it is mainly I need enough screen space and a good price. I’d even be willing to go to 3 displays if that was the better way to do it.

What do you do for your job? Because if you’re willing to drop some cash and you mentioned 3 screens it might be worth looking at 4K or 21:9 monitors.

It really all comes down to personal preference. For me, I’m still stuck on 1080p monitors because I go for frames over fancy I guess. With my build if I got a 21:9 it would hit my pc pretty hard.

I provide web support and do online streaming training to big companies. and do tech consultation.

Ok cool.

Well I’d say if you want something super awesome looking Dell has a super nice one that is like the gold standard of monitors:

Then Asus has a nice budget one:

And if you want 144hz Asus also makes on of those that is good:

I have two of those in TN. The bases are so flimsy that even accidentally nudging my desk causes the monitors to shake. The other ASUS monitors I’ve used with different bases are fine though.

IMO the best bang for buck right now is the qnix uhd3216r. 32 inch, 4k, IPS, and according to NCX 15ms input lag if you enable freesync and use displayport (even if you’re running nvidia card). It is currently $380 on ebay.

I just pulled the trigger on this after a very long period of research and waiting for funds etc.

Personally I would rather have a physically larger screen and higher resolution than a higher refresh rate. That said, most people do not seem to agree with me on that front. Higher refresh rate does make a difference for sure, but it just isn’t that interesting to me as a person who does not play games super competitively or anything.

If you do decide to go with 4k, I would strongly recommend not getting a monitor less than 32". It just isn’t worth it. 32" is enough to use it but it’s the bare minimum for sure.

Happy to answer any questions you have about it.

Do you have a link for this don’t think i’ve seen this monitor before?

It’s one of the sketchy korean monitors. It’s a re-brand of the panel in the benq 3201ph. Up to you if are comfortable with that. It is available on ebay and newegg as well, but I do not think you have the option of paying more for a perfect pixel version at this time, which is a bummer. The return policies prevent you from returning the monitor if it has 5 or less ‘stuck’ pixels, in other words pixels stuck on a color as opposed to just dark.

I have a fair amount of experience with these brands if you have any questions or want advice.

I stand corrected - newegg is now selling pixel perfect versions with a max tolerance of 1 dead pixel for $450.

NCX has an unfinished (but still very detailed) review of this monitor on the wecravgamestoo forums.