A solid laptop for Adobe

I admit up front, I don’t use laptops very much. When I’m home, I want to use my desktop, and my two monitors. So, I never owned a laptop. Due to class now, I use Adobe CC, and it may be worth it for me to finally get a laptop so I can work on projects when not home. That said, I am far less knowledgeable about laptop hardware. I see lots of Intel laptops for $700 that have dual core i7s. I see some for $900 with quad cores. I’ve seen some for $400-ish with quad core AMDs. If I were to get a laptop, mainly for use with Adobe Premier Pro and Audition, what do you recommend I look for in a laptop? RAM for sure, HDD Space of course… but what about CPU? Is a dual core i5 or i7 fine? Would an AMD Quad work better? Screw it and go for quad core Intel?

Thanks for any advice.

Gonna need to go intel on this one since you’re gonna be needed the performance.

Must be a quad core.

i7 and i5 perform similarity.

i7’s have hyperthreading and about ~5% more performance per core than i5’s bust will cost you hundreds more.

Unless you need an i7, which you don’t because you’re just doing photo-shop, you’re better off saving that money and putting it towards something with more bells and whistles. The trouble is finding something with dedicated GPU’s without i7’s.

8 GiB ram minimum, 16 (or more) preferred.

You will need something with a discrete GPU.

HDD is cheap. Shouldn’t be the deciding factor here. That said, you can always get an external drive to more storage. You would be best served to have an SSD anyway. You want a snappy system.

To get something decent you’re gonna need to invest some money. Like probably around 700$+, to get something that will do the job.

Dell has some good business grade laptop. They have quad core i7’s and a professional discrete GPU.

at this time they are 999$.

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Good info. I will actually be using Photoshop LESS then Premier/Audition, so more Video editing and Audio Editing. That said, some Photoshop as well, yes. I found this laptop and considered getting this one:


I’m assuming I can shut off the crazy RGB lights, but I like the CPU in this, 16GBs of DDR4, with 1TB and 256GB SSD. A mobile 1060 is also great. If I can play some games on it too, sure lol. Gaming is not my focus, but I do like the specs of this one.


Not a bad choice!

While not a huge fan of the crazy gamer design… tough to argue the specs on paper. Windows and Adobe Products ( Plus Reaper, ) on the SSD, with 1TB of space, more then enough power for that stuff, and I can play very well on it as a nice bonus. I can deal with the look lol

Actually, I am curious what you think of this choice:


The second model includes a quad core Intel i7. The 960M obviously won’t stack up to the 1060 of the other MSI laptop but, I don’t plan to play many games. Overwatch, Cities Skylines, Planet Coaster pretty much.

It has an extra RAM slot, plus M.2 so I can upgrade RAM/HDD. For 800.

Thats not a bad deal at all. My only concern then would be the build quality of the dell vs msi.

I used to own an MSI laptop (the X460DX-291US to be precise).

Build quality was good and the bloatware was surprisingly tame. It got blazing hot, but it looks like the one linked above has a better cooling solution, so it should be better.

This laptop has been great. Have my old Logitech G400 hooked up to it so I can get work done… Loving it.