A List Of Linux Beginner Youtube Video-Tutorials (Teklek411's Channel for Ubuntu, Linuxforever's Channel for Linux Mint, Danscources)

I noticed on the old Tek forums there were many inquiries from newcomers to Linux asking about how to get started on this system or how to solve basic problems that arose.

One of a few Youtube channels that helped me was the ‘teklek411’ channel on Youtube (and yes, he is an Aussie lol)

*I’ll state outright that I have no affiliation with ‘teklek411’ in any commercial-sense.

Teklek411 provides some basic Linux video-tutorials to assist beginners to make the transition to Linux, namely Ubuntu (and this can only be a good thing in the short to long-term)

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Can you add “Ubuntu Dist” or something to the post title or body, since other linux dist uses other install commands like with CentOS its yum install…

but then again i’m not sure if beginners would choose CentOS to start with hehehe

its nice to see something linux posts. :+1:

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No Worries @ThorsSpear I’ll amend the post.

I originally started using Linux Mint, then gravitated to Ubuntu.

Something I may attempt, would be to screen-record via OBS my own experiences as a novice using Linux Mint, and Ubuntu.

i used to play around with linux about 15 years ago but i just recently started again so i am a novice also


I often switch back to using Linux when Windows 10 starts to get annoying lol.

the reason why i am playing around with linux again is for my work… I mainly working with windows servers and my team just got the service for LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) aka webhosting so its time to wake up the linux brain cells… its slowly getting refreshed… alot has happen since last.

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One aspect for a general user like me, is that Linux (Ubuntu, and Mint) gets more easier to use even though I have long breaks away from the OS.

Still for me, the old adage remains true: ‘the more you learn about Linux the less you know lol’.

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I have a samsung 950 pro boot drive what would I need to make a partition on it for Ubunutu and can it boot from NVME?

Mate I’m not that familiar with partitioning drives, maybe @ThorsSpear could answer your query.

With my smaller laptop I will boot Linux Mint from a live-USB, I’ve installed Ubuntu 16 permanently on a larger HP laptop via a USB (over-writing Windows 10)

It would be nice to have a thread with a list of video tutorial/resources for linux newbs.

Yes, most bootloaders and the kernel support booting from NVMe.


Thanks @thirdmortal, I’ll try to update this post with a list of Youtube video-tutorials that I reference…

The ‘linuxforever’ Youtube channel is not a bad reference channel for Linux Mint, he hasn’t produced any material for a while. But the Linuxforever channel is worthwhile visiting if your a complete stranger to Linux Mint (and the Linux stable)

Linux Mint is similar to Windows in its GUI, and could assist former Windows users progress to utililising other Linux distributions to further their knowledge-base.

Danscourses’ on Youtube is another invaluable Linux channel that I would visit to familiarise myself with the Linux terminal commands.

To utilise Linux effectively learning the terminal commands is a given.

Well steam just started really picking up game support these last few years but until know I’ve not had a need to use linux for any productivity work. But at least I can use the Ubuntu Terminal to get Wine to run league of legends that’s a start in right direction right?

Britec09’s Youtube channel of the same name is worth a visit, he has a small Linux sub-section on his channel.

Britec (Brian) is also a British IT security-tester, too.

There are a few channels for learning Linux that I really enjoyed. One of them doesn’t make content any more, but still has some OK information.

Nixie Pixel
(She doesn’t make content anymore for whatever reason, but still pulls in $5K/month via Patreon. Weird, huh?)
English Bob
Spatry’s Cup O Linux
Hak5 Linux Terminal 101

I hope these links help. I’ve been using mainly Debian based distro’s since 2008 when my old Boss gave me a copy of Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake. I’ve monkeyed around with openSuSe, Arch, CrunchBang (was my favorite), Fedora, CentOS, Bhodi Linux, Elementary Linux, and a few really obscure ones. Even used Slackware and Knoppix back in the early 2000’s for giggles. So I’ve been around a while. Not claiming to know anything more than what I’d need to know, but I do know that sharing info in the heart of using Linux.
Also, bookmark DistroWatch it’ll keep you relatively up to date on what distro’s are coming out and what changes have been made.


Thanks for those links :slight_smile:

@thirdmortal you still run bedrock linux?