A fresh start

Excuse the rant but it needs to be said.

Thankfully everything has pretty much been resolved between Logan and Wendell but I’m getting really fucking tired of every comment on a new video from “Crit TV” / TS saying stuff like “Fail”, “Tek Syndicate is dead”. - I thought our community was more mature than this little kid winy BS. Also the like / dislike ratio, people just hitting dislike because of some subjective opinion they have based on events we don’t know the specifics of, instead of the video’s merits.

I’m sure a lot of work from both parties (wendell and logan) has gone into rebranding and setting up new sites so can we just let the past go and get back to interesting conversations. If you really don’t like the new direction, don’t comment - just leave.



You’re complaining to the wrong people, none of us care what YouTube comments say, even Logan doesn’t, or at least I hope.

That is technically correct.

Some people know what actually happened, again, you’re preaching to the choir.

In all honesty your complaining is not the solution, dropping the conversation is how this ends. The only way to kill a thought is to forget it.


Sorry dude, you’re right - was reading comments on a bunch of videos and it just got under my skin. :frowning:

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Definitely preaching to the choir, but ya it’s super annoying.

I’ve been watching the channel since it was Logan doing videos for TigerDirect (technically it was a different channel, but meh). Shit happens. If you wanna choose a side then choose and move on with your life.

I’m sure the trolls will die down in due time.

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We all boil over once in a while, it’s human.

Perfect example is August 28th when… nevermind you should know the story by now.


Never paid any attention the “Drama” or any of the trolling comments to tek sydicate videos. People take things way too personally.

I’d go over the details about patreon this and goals not fulfilled that, but bickering and circle jerking about how annoying it is solves nothing

But I will say the drama was relevant. But everything is settled now, even if not everyone got their questions answered, it’s over.

I never had any questions about any of it. I like the content of the videos. The so called drama isn’t really my business.

Then you are in the majority.

The entire reason was for patreon rewards not being returned.

It all boils down to money. Nothing more.

Patrons are an extremely small subset of the audience.

And so it goes…money. An evil invention. lol.

I think it’s more about creative control than money. The first officer got a bit too used to the captain’s chair. Money was just the easy go-to excuse.

Also, it’s super-hard working remotely on creative stuff like this. There’s a synergy that’s missing when you’re thousands of miles away.


I really wanted to distance myself from elitism, aggressive conspiracies, the judgmental people, and the condescending ones. I think we have a great community here. My new goal is to encourage learning and fun while trying to not talk down to people or gloat about how I’m superior. I find that many people on the internet find a certain thing and declare it “the thing”… then they form a sort of hive mind… and roam around the internet telling everyone that if they do not know “the thing” they are beneath them. It’s a stupid status thing and I really don’t care about that anymore. I just care about being me and I hope everyone here feels free to be themselves.

As for the people who continue to downvote… I think I understand some. There are those who loved what we had before and they are mad. I am where that angst is being funneled because I was in charge, the owner. People had their feelings hurt, allegations were raised (most of which are things spun to suit the frustrations), it was textbook drama. I thought it would die down by now, and I expect it will in the coming month as the disenfranchised community members find new homes and deal with the change.

The bottom line is that I think we are on the right track now. Things are organized, projects are getting worked on, and we are having a lot of fun.


Just take your time to sort everything out and move on. Stuff like that happens, it is nothing really bad, everyone is still producing content and working on projects. People will calm down once they realise that Qain and Wendell are still out there doing their stuff and Crit TV is also keep moving forward.
It was just a unique mix of skilled people with really different skillsets, we will see what direction will Crit TV take in the near future.
Digging deeper than just reviewing hardware sounds like a really useful thing, i mean youtube is full with reviews that just pop out once NDA is lifted, nothing wrong with it, but additional content could be more important. From factory tours to really nerdy stuff - i think we will enjoy the ride with the refreshed team.

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Yeah, the YouTube comment section is just filled with asinine edgy teenager, that’s just how it is unfortunately. It is best to not even bother looking at it, and just come here if you want to exchange, send positive vibes, or make constructive criticism.
I really hope everyone on here won’t bother with YT comments/like, dislike ratio anymore and just make this community grow.

(Pretty ironic that the very same people that criticized Logan’s behavior are acting like pathetic manchilds).
With that being said I hope this community will grow and keep the good wave going. Glad to be a part of it !

Cheers !

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To the new / original Community!


That’s why we are here, because we aren’t the comment section. We are above that.

Sorry man, forum posts>comments

You’ve alluded to this multiple times.

I don’t think there’s really any reason to linger on that stuff now. It is frustrating to see how a lot of people are still enjoying the bandwagon, or for whatever reason, legit or not, are not able to leave all the drama behind yet. It did get quite nasty, so it can be understandable. All the more reason why I think the best thing we can all do at this point is simply move on: the content looks promising, the community is here and surprisingly in good shape, the friction’s between parties’ been soothed down. At this point no good can come out of poking the old powder keg, and eventually everything will settle down on its own, in due time.
I may sound simple, but let’s just be positive about it.

I love both Logan & Wendell and will continue to follow them both. If they both believed splitting into separate paths was for the best then i’m sure thats the case. Also the new forum allowed me to get this sweet username :stuck_out_tongue:


Very well said, Logan. I am watching all the back videos of the Tek and I have learned a lot of things about the computer industry, privacy, etc. As for the trolls. The only way to minimize them is to ignore them. I like the new direction you’re going with Crit TV. I wish you well in your endeavors and much success!

I’m subbed to Logan because he provide’s information on both hardware and culture in a fashion that I enjoy not because he’s my best friend. I am also subscribed to wendell linus tech tips pauls hardware jayztwocents hardwarecunnuk’s tech of tomorrow pcjunkie mods cult of mush bit wit and beer games beer, It’s the freaking internet no reason to have favoritism towards one channel or the other when they both provide good information and most of us are not involved so you can’t really form an educated opinion without having all the fact’s now can ya.