A beginner camera for YouTube

I have made some YouTube vidoes in the past, typically talking over gameplay or using my cell phone. I want to step my game up and try to be a bit more professional. Looking for advice regarding cameras. I don’t need 4K, 1080P is perfectly fine. I would like to be able to adjust frame rate, 25-ish to 30 mainly, may use 60FPS sometimes.

Any specific camera’s you’d recommend for good enough, but not ultra high end, 1080p video?
Camcorder, or DLSR?

Any help is appreciated.

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What’s your budget? Hate to start there but that really dictates your options here.

Right, stupid me didn’t put that in for whatever reason. Once classes are done in April, I’d say 500ish ( Give or take.)

I feel like if i were to start cheaper, a camcorder would work better, and around 500, DLSR. Cameras are not my strong point.

Hmm, well honestly a camcorder is probably the easiest for run and gun - but a DSLR will allow you to play around with your look and feel a little more with detachable lenses. So depends on what you’re looking to accomplish.

Personally, I’d look for a DSLR or a mirrorless camera. They aren’t really intended for video (many sensors overheat from recording for more then like 10-15 minutes).

I just picked up a G7 for $500 and it was a good deal: http://amzn.to/2ipHrm5

MFT will give you a ton of lens options, the camera provides 4K and actually does decently well in low light/high ISO situations. I’m uploading a sample clip right now, I’ll show you how it performed at the Nvidia Keynote at CES.

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The other question is… What do you want to shoot? If you are getting artistic, an SLR will give you better background blur (depth of field)… but if you are having fun, vlogging, shooting random stuff… get a camcorder:


Here’s that sample footage - if I recall correctly, I just had the kit lens on at F/5.6, running at 1/50sec but can’t recall the ISO:

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To start, probably me talking, if I’m talking about my guitar amp and want shots, may get shots of the amp, etc etc.

Nothing to artsy though.

I started off using a GoPro Hero4 Silver set on a tripod for Youtube video, but GoPro’s have their limits.

There is a successful Youtube called ‘Zoffinger’ who utilises GoPros exclusively for his Youtube channel with great results (Zoffinger uses a Zoom H1 audio-recorder for his audio needs)

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What phone do you have now? You can always start by using your phone. Though if you want a dedicated camera, I’d second @hutchison15’s recommendation of a G7 or some other m4/3 camera though. Are you going to have anyone helping you film, or is it going to be a solo affair?

Galaxy S 7. I helped my company film a video and edit it, ( using my schools camera gear thankfully,) and they gave me some amazon giftcards as a thankyou. So I got a basic lighting kit. That is coming in next week so I’ll try filing with the phone for now with some good lights and see how it works.

and for the time being, it’s a solo thing.

Sony action cam or Sony T3i DSLR is my suggestion. Gopro cameras are such a gimmick, and even a lower end Sony action camera has way better colors and details it’s nuts.

Canon makes a T3i that’s a DSLR - Sony’s entry level mirrorless cameras that are referred to as the Alpha series (usually a letter A noted in beginning of the model name). A5000 is pretty cheap, for instance.

I’ll take a look at those listed. I found a used Canon 60D for 235. Sounds like a deal to me, any impressions on the 60D?

So I started off using a Canon T3i and still use it to this day. It’s definitely one of the best value DSLRs out there, but if you want to do really long form content (like commentary over gameplay) it might not be the best option because the firmware is set to limit video recording to around 12 minutes. Meaning every 12 minutes or so you have to re-enable video recording. (you can install a program on the camera called magic lantern that will automatically restart the video when it stops but it still leaves you with multiple files and about a second of drop-out every 12 minutes.)

Most (to my knowledge) DSLRs are going to be set this way due to trade tariffs, so I don’t know if I would suggest them if your aim is to do really long uninterupted videos.

Mirrorless cameras (I have my eyes set on Panasonic Lumix GH3 right now) and conventional video camcorders are better suited for that kind of stuff.

That being said, for shorter shoots (under 12 minutes) and photography, inexpensive DSLRs like the Canon T3i are one of the best values on the market.

I could talk about this stuff ALL DAY.


I don’t mind that at the moment, I don’t plan to do ultra long continuous shoots.

Least not right now.

lol yeah my bad i own a canon t2i… lmao

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