$800 Build - Changes? (Jan 2017)

I’m building my cousin a Gaming PC, he wants it be around $800 but he’s fine going the 900s.

He wants to be able to mainly game, and he does some more basic CAD applications. He is set on using the Air 540, but besides that anything else is open to opinion!

I’ve only built one other PC, so I’m really excited for building another.

PCPartpicker $850: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/xierdanx/saved/PMQcf7

PCPartpicker $1000: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/xierdanx/saved/m6gFTW

Id replace the h60 with a noctua d15 and the motherboard to a asrock extreme 4 or pro 4 and since u have 4 ram slots move to 2 4 gigs or save up a bit more and get 2 8 gigs ul thank me later :smiley: the asrock board for that money is a fair bit nicer.

Oh and maybe save up for a 1060 aswell if u can stretch it to a $1000 budget it would be a pretty nice rig by the end of it

Wait for Zen and if you don’t want to then my goodness you still don’t need to spend $330 + tax on a CPU. Also take some of the money saved and get a better gpu in there. You mentioned it being a gaming rig first so get a GTX 1070 in there somehow. Also I think you can find a case that delivers what one needs for far less than $137 + tax. My son’s case is every bit as good as that and I got it for $59 on sale. Try harder and look around. Also with cases buying them used is probably one of the safer purchases you can do when it comes to building pcs so think about doing that.