4k Bluray SGX!


I would like to say from the offset this is not a discussion on the usefulness, viability or alternates to 4K blurays as I am sure I will get many opinions wanted or not on this :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Basically I have a 4k Dell XPS 13 9370, and I have some 4K blurays that I obviously want to watch on said laptop…

I have the Cyberlink Power DVD 18 which can run 4K however can my laptop? Does it need any graphics power to do this as it is only built in Intel graophics?

I have run the CyberLink 4k bluray tool and it is all goof apart from the missing bluray drive (I will buy a external USB C one) and it says SGX wasnt started? (see screenshot)

I have gone into the bios and it is activated and has 128mb allocated and done a few restarts with no different answer, any ideas? is it likely to be fine and maybe a faulty reading for some reason? (Not really knowing what SGX is)

Very many thanks for any help

Intel SGX is a security layer for virtual applications specific for Intel CPUs. The Advisor in the screenshot says SGX is required and is not available as a feature of your laptop’s CPU. Without this CPU feature you cannot playback 4k UHD Blu-Rays on your machine. However your might have some luck in ripping the 4k Blu-Rays and playing back from your HDD.

I have 30+ 4k Blu-Rays and have done everything possible to get them to work on my system, whether that be a rip or simply playback. There is a list of official 4k UHD drives and a list of “friendly” drives that support the Blu-Ray XL format used by UHD disks. I have purchased UHD friendly drives and UHD official drives and have not been able to rip any of them to my server; this has been an ongoing issue for the past few years. On the list there are a few external USB drives but good luck getting any of them to work. If you do buy one of these drives and attempt to rip them, keep an eye on the MakeMKV forums, deuhd.com, DVDFab, and PCMAG.com.